CHECK WHAT YOU WAITING IN THE LIFE: Sat birth reveal your destiny

Sat birth has a major impact on us – a lot of it depends on whether we are inclined to ambition, work or love …

From 0 to 01 hours

People born in this period is characterized by impulsivity and aggressiveness (Aries) associated with great perseverance and endurance (Saturn). Surrounding them is considered very persistent, stubborn and very proud people who often lack tact, patience, the ability to diplomacy. In favorable life circumstances such astrological constellation can provide amazing creative achievements, sporting success or a military career.

From 01 to 02 hours

For you power, prestige and status are the most important environmental categories. Clearly you are oriented towards material values, property and financial aspects of the empire. Therefore, they can suffer your closest. Your success in life depends largely on the enormous energy you have, it is necessary to properly routed to your goals. Your rise to the top often help some influential (Jupiter) or older (Saturn) person.

From 02 to 03 hours

You have a great opportunity to dedicate different jobs simultaneously and parallel objectives. You are very dynamic and able to genuinely delight (Mars) or to enjoy the various pleasures of life, but also very quickly lose interest in things that you started. Sometimes you exclusive and intolerant, it is necessary to accept more tolerance in their lives and to better adapt to social relations.

From 03 to 04 hours

You are a very sensitive person, it is easy to hurt your feelings and ruffle your psychological balance. Concrete evidence of loyalty, fidelity and affection (Venus) are equally important to you, like you care and devotion to the family home or the house (Cancer). You need to build financial security. Understand skillfully to calculate with money, property aspects of real estate, finance. The important thing is that you can get in the family, but also in jobs that are related to art or a social area.

From 04 to 05 hours

Your mindset and way of thinking (Mercury) always are focused on a specific and achievable target. You own sense of good organization, know how to express a strong concentration and willpower. Almost any business becoming an authority (Leo). But, you are still more tip “saloon lava. When too much meaning attached to social relations, you going to be easier for the West in a depressed mood.

From 05 to 06 hours

Best you feel when you are able to edit the world around them or to correct a variety of problems, irregularities and errors – strive for a harmonious arrangement of the world. Your great love (the sun) is focused and specific details (Virgo), while it is hard to distinguish the important from the unimportant. Often you risk your money you spend on things that are unnecessary. In business you are very diligent and almost perfectly perform their duties.

From 06 to 07 hours

You are very charming, sophisticated and nice person, almost always take care about their appearance and image (Libra). You have refined manners and sense of taste or decor. Your house is tastefully decorated and makes a pleasant place, where they often gather your friends. You’re very careful in dealing and courteous almost to everyone. The greatest danger for you lies in the fact that your emotional security and balance (Moon) is more dependent on others than on yourself.

From 07 to 08 hours

Understand in a very concrete way to define their views and to clearly define environmental priorities. You are the person who usually speak (Mercury) what you think (Scorpio). But, you understand, and to be very mysterious and you know that you feel like a bay. Success in business often depends on your willingness to subordinate all single-minded and do your rich imagination. At and good intuition. Different intrigue, deception and distrust you can derail.

From 08 to 09 hours

For you are very important action, game, sport and a lot of movement in the fresh air (Sagittarius).

Constantly trying to exceed some subjective or objective boundaries, whether in terms of social, spiritual, cognitive and spatial boundaries.

At exploratory spirit and attract your new knowledge, adventure, travel, party. New friendship (Venus) you must offer something new that you have not yet experienced or felt. You were born adventurer type.

From 09 to 10 hours

You are constantly needed some concrete goals or triggers (Capricorn) to be active (Mars). Thanks to its great capacity for organization and discipline, as a rule, almost always successfully achieve the goals that you have set for ourselves. You are very ambitious, but also incredibly persistent. I always feel good when you help others, especially family members. You own sense of traditional values ​​and respects patriarchal attitudes.

From 10 to 11 hours

According to you, all people are equal and advocating greater tolerance, equality, justice and philanthropy. For you there are no class distinctions, each allow his personal opinion and individual development. You have a strong sense of engagement occult, you’re full of understanding (Jupiter) to society and always open to new and modern ideas (Aquarius). You are very social and sincerely love the people, so you’re usually surrounded by friends and sincere.

From 11 to 12 hours

You are particularly successful in some situations when your work is done ‘behind the scenes’. In some ‘hidden’, mysterious or unusual situations, you really can achieve great things and amazing results. As long as you manage yourself to provide enough peace (Saturn) and charge its internal battery (Pisces), ahead you the opportunity for a remarkable career in the arts, in social or medical sphere, and nothing will stop you on the way to the finish.

People born in the afternoon

From 12 to 13 hours

Almost every business that start and end in full by the end. You are very responsible, hardworking, disciplined, conscientious and servile. Bright mind helping most to not spend too much of their energy and time on irrelevant. Material security (Taurus) in the midst of the family are the most important category for your peace of mind (Moon) and a lifetime well-being. However, very rarely run their own initiative in the social life and the emotional relationships.

From 13 to 14 hours

Too pay attention to the views and moods of their surroundings, often in situations that you are too affected by someone’s words or comments. Example Intuitively take in signals from their environment (the Moon), and indulging the impulse, mood or impact (Neptune) that exists in your environment. But the truth is often only take what – what you personally believe the truth. At unusual abilities, talents and interests, and know how to achieve outstanding success in specific jobs.

From 14 to 15 hours

You are a person who aspires to high aims, must be refined and aristocratic manners. Most often their life partner remains faithful to the end of life (Venus). But if you feel that you are in his life do not occupy the main or central place (Lion), is looking for another partner. MOET to achieve significant success in the field of art, drama or economics. You have a strong sense of family inaročito for children, sometimes for them you are willing to sacrifice almost everything (career).

From 15 to 16 hours

Full recognition experiencing only to the activity (Mars) where you can enter all your feelings (Cancer). At the same time, it is a magic formula for your life stisfakciju and achievements in all areas. You are very kind and warm person who shines from complacency. But, understand that you are very irritable, especially if you feel that you have rejected. It is necessary to compensate for their frustration or emotional vulnerability through some practical activities, but also to express their anger without repressing.

From 16 to 17 hours

Assets, financial aspects and the money you have important meaning. Therefore, as our obligation (Taurus) that already in the first half of your life, you have to get some kind of financial security and economic independence as well as personal property (Jupiter). In this you greatly helps your ability to rise above everyday life and some minor or transitory problem, as well as the ability to perceive things beyond the advance.

From 17 to 18 hours

Basically you have a big perfectionist, you know how to look at the situation analytically and to evaluate the best solution. Often the environment appreciates your skills and take up a university or a responsible position in society. You are very practical person and successfully cope with people who oppose your plans. Sometimes your propensity detailing (Virgin) knows how to seduce you, or you stand on the way to achieving goals (Saturn). But you know how often you get a fantastic blend of theory and practice.

From 18 to 19 hours

Just in different Obilićeva partnership linking, or association in relation with other people (Libra), you can achieve your goals in life (Saturn). You need to be more oriented to the community. In friendship you need a lot of patience to cope with themselves. The greatest danger threatening you of a situation where your partner can give you some sets high demands, which in the long run you can not fill.

From 19 to 20 hours

Your risk appetite and different challenges, can you omogći great success and rise in society. Because of their exaggerated (Venus) love demands (Scorpio) easily into various dangers. Sometimes you lose sight of other valuable aspects that exist in a permanent relationship, such as loyalty, affection partner and family, and spiritual interests. In a nutshell, everything you do should avoid excesses and extremes.

From 20 to 21 hours

You are the person that runs the big action almost everything is new, unfamiliar or strange (Sagittarius). You explore the unknown excites and stimulates the top venture (Mars). For you are the elixir of life long journeys into some unexplored regions or cultures. Emotional attachment to one person or a “blind loyalty” does not belong to your personal profile. Avis can thank his optimism, as you were after the biggest drop in a position to re-correct and vinete in height.

From 21 to 22 hours

From the latent fear that someone does not betray or hurt your feelings (Pisces), other people too often look slow and inert. Understand that you may be prone to large fantasies. But when you meet one, you give away your surroundings much more understanding, emotional warmth and genuine compassion. Great attention is paid to some visible or tangible evidence of love (Venus) and very surprised if things are not what you imagined them to you.

22 to 23 hours

You are a person who has a remarkable (Aquarius) intelligence (Mercury) and often think in a very original and ingenious ways, mental, according to a different model than the rest of the world. Intellectual abilities or mental superiority, allows you to solve the most difficult problems of life, secrets and puzzles. You are in a certain advantages over the others, and especially with regard to mediocrity. Therefore, you should not behave arrogantly or narcissistic. Humility is a great virtue.

23 to 24 hours

Clock your government so-called birth ‘night sun’. It symbolizes the inner or spiritual light and energy, to give you a pretty good facilitates introspection and self-knowledge. You are a person who is prone to various occult (Scorpio), interests and activities (Sun). In everyday life you do not like the compromise variants. Often it is your life motto: ‘All or nothing’, and in love know how to be prone to possessiveness and jealousy.