Child Lava honest man, a child Scales fickle fiend …

Astrologers say that each sign of the zodiac influence the future of their child. Find out what your child will be and how to make the best of it


The immense vitality they possess Rams projected onto their children. Therefore, she herself has so much energy that it is difficult to restrain and keep them within the limits of safety. They are still the leaders! They resent that others follow. Their thoughts, ideas and actions are always radical. Enterprising are brave almost to the edge of madness.

When he grows up, it highly appreciates the fruits of their labor, but still thinks that does not get as much satisfaction they deserve. No matter how much he earns, he’ll think that poor man! Spends freely, too, recklessly.

Kids Rams were born bosses. The energetic and ambitious, easy to carry and features to employees. They’re too impulsive, and even negligent, which lack the ability to work for themselves.

They are serious and ardent in everything we undertake. Rarely it happens that you do not finish what they started. Aries Children, unfortunately, are prone to vices. Therefore, the parents own example noble and good behavior from an early age to form correct habits and attitudes with them. These children are probably the most striking example of the crucial role of attitudes and habits acquired in childhood to later life.

Children are born leaders Rams! They resent that others follow. Enterprising and brave to the edge of madness.


Deca-minded Bulls are friendly to everyone until heated to an idea they think proper. Then dobrice turn into uptight, bitter person. It’s hard to convince them that they were wrong. If someone nevertheless succeed in it, to win their innate love of justice. Only the truth will be substantiated encouraged to admit their mistakes. They have a strong will.

The patient and persistent until you achieve success in what they started. Although pleasant in society, we tend to seek solitude and become selfish. Unwittingly set a barrier between yourself and other people. Therefore, it is difficult to become familiar with them.

Turn the material. They are happy when they earn their power and love. Often inherit property from their parents. They want the wealth to be able to enjoy the luxury, art, music, comfort … hedonists are prone to exaggerate in everything, even in the work. His enormous energy dissipated relentlessly, why can not they get sick.

You should parents teach them frugality, but not so as to remind them but through their own example. Also, they should inculcate the habit of exercise because they themselves lazy for that.

It’s hard to convince them that they were wrong. If someone nevertheless succeed in it, to win their innate love of justice.

CHILD twins: they say the good

The children of Gemini are wonderfully resourceful, positive and communicative. They also have an incredible ability to clearly express. In their presence the conversation never fades away! They’re fun, they all like to listen to, and therefore are always welcome in any society.

Very quickly acquire knowledge, are well informed about most things and events, have a good memory, so that what once passed never forget.

They are very kind and friendly, and is easy to get along with them. Easy to adapt to different people and circumstances. They love to travel and, in general, they are threatened with every change. Can easily become victims of flattery.

They are very irritable and nervous, easily worried for anything and everything, and all that reflects poorly on their health. The parents of these children should be tolerant of their mood swings. You’ll want to die, rather than criticize them, so that, while young people can strengthen their morale. They need to learn gymnastics and breathing exercises. They are usually tall, nice people, fast walking.

Communicative, flexible, funny, intelligent! No wonder they are a favorite in society.


Kids Crab are timid, shy and sensitive. They need a lot of time to make friends with other children, and so are when they grow up. Are closed and difficult to let others approach them.

At the same time, know how to be strict and autocratic inclined towards his friends. The possessive. However, one must admit that they have a lot of rare and exceptional virtue. The loyal and as colleagues, as partners and as friends. All that promise fulfilled. They are reliable, responsible and very discreet in everything they do. Absolutely they can be trusted. A secret that they are entrusted to never give!

Changes of residence, positions and occupations are quite frequent in the lives of these children. This, of course, is not the result of fickleness, nor levity, on the contrary.

Kids crabs are very persistent when they have some obligations or take on a job. Do not move randomly through anything. In fact, there are situations in which they are being too cautious. When there is a risk of injury, almost as cowards. Otherwise do not like to take risks. They are often anxious and full of care.

The loyal, reliable, responsible and discreet in everything they do. Absolutely they can be trusted.

CHILD LAVA: HEAVY honest man

Noble and sublime character, children Lions despise baseness. He will do something immoral and corrupt because of any interest. By nature they are strong and ardent in love. All would do for those they love.

Loyal friends and the good and the evil. The support to everyone. Lions transmit to their children a strong willpower, so they are usually able to overcome all obstacles and shortcomings on the road of life. They have their own opinion and nothing can make me change it. You never do any work routine. Vitals are good leaders and are full of enthusiasm.

Lions transmitted to their children, and a good memory. All these virtues she will have children of lions in whose natal charts sun aspected. If they are badly placed Mars, the nature of their changes. Then become pompous and arrogant, unfaithful to your partner, and disloyal to friends.

The main disadvantage of children Lions over nature. Fortunately, no inate a long time, and when they realize that they are wrong, they are ready to apologize. They are generous even to his greatest enemies.

Children Lions despise baseness. He will do something immoral and corrupt because of any interest.

CHILD DEVICE: empathic cynic

Kids Virgo were under the influence of large amounts of mind of their parents, so they become empathetic to other people. The flip side is their cynicism, kritizerstvo and skepticism towards anything that is not scientifically provable and what can not be explained by common sense.

Sami are quite lazy and accustomed to do everything come easily. They are ready to help others, but also to masterfully manipulate those subordinate to them. Because of the latter often cause permanent hostility towards you.

When you become friends with someone, then you are very good and loyal friends. Poor passed Mercury in the natal chart child Device brings him many environmental changes, new alliances, new friends and acquaintances.

These children, when they grow up, responsibly seek ways and means of obtaining financial, social and economic security. Beautiful are versatile. They love science, they are particularly interested in chemistry, medicine

and hygiene. They tend to hypochondria. Usually they lack the willpower to get out of the disease, whether real or imaginary. They are ready to help others, but also to masterfully manipulate those subordinate to them.


Child Scales: Tricky Kids fanatic Scales are very diligent in everything they do. Devote to their own hobbies, school, occupation and everything they do with passion and enthusiasm that excludes everything else. They have the ability scattered attention, more focus to the maximum. The problem is that their focus, no matter how powerful, short-lived.

After a while, they suddenly and unexpectedly get interested in something different, completely opposite of which were previously possessed.

Then leave what they were doing and commit to new things with the same fervor and passion. This is, in fact, one of their biggest flaw, because hardly fail to complete by the end of anything.

Constantly changing goals and again continue to with great tenacity seek to achieve it. In nature, these children expressed are two totally different traits. One of cheerfulness and optimism, the other melancholy and moroseness.

Therefore, once the seventh heaven, chili and cheerful, but then suddenly, for no apparent reason, become anxious as they do not have any friends in the world. The grounds are kind, gentle nature does not make defiance.

They love all kinds of pleasure, art and music. Time as chili and cheerful, melancholy and anxious time as they do not have any friends in the world.

CHILD Scorpio: a great fighter

Children one of whose parents Scorpio are always ready to fight and have arguments ready for everything! Do not meet the half-solutions in any area of ​​life and always go from one extreme to another.

Those who show the benefits of parental characters are very constructive, able to shake off, honest. Tireless workers, always ready to sacrifice themselves for the benefit of others. They rail against oppression and injustice. Verni were devoted friends.

Those kids at that dominate the bad side of parental characters become demagogues, are lazy and refuse to work, encourage others to anarchy and destruction. The unpredictable temperament, sarcastic language, so why should their parents as early as possible to teach them self-control and kindness.

They have a vivid imagination, clear and penetrating mind. They radiate a special magnetism, which makes them very attractive to people. It seems that the most satisfied in the army, where there is sharp and strict discipline. Particular attention should parents turn on their sexual education and hygiene. These children would be great surgeons if they do not dominate the destructive side of Scorpio.

They have a vivid imagination, clear and penetrating mind. They radiate a special magnetism, which makes them very attractive to people.

BABY SHOOTER: WHEREAS pillar of society

What a person will become a child of Sagittarius, the most depends on which part of the nature of parental characters in it prevail. A child can not be an athlete, a gambler, a great hedonist or a conscientious and reliable person.

May be inclined to guard the last money on gambling, that unscrupulous satisfy all your desires, appetites and passions. On the other hand, can become idealists noble and well-intentioned souls.

If it prevails the good side of Sagittarius, this child will be gentle and sympathetic, but will grow into someone who can be a pillar of society. In this case, there is a chance to perform temporal state or church functions.

In any case, these children are always proud and confident. Basically trying to avoid a fight. Sometimes diligently and courageously fight for others who were injured and weak, and that makes it amazing lawyers.

Excellent interlocutors, have a fast, funny and always ready to answer any question. Good memory and interesting way of storytelling will keep their friends still awake and interested.

Basically trying to avoid a fight. Sometimes diligently and courageously fighting for the rights of the injured and weak.


These children have low levels of life energy when they’re small, but then they become incredibly persistent. They often experience a ripe old age. Subject to colds, falls and injuries. Kids Capricorn are usually shy around strangers, but when you get used to them, according to their dominant nature and tend to everything around them adapt their own volition.

They are jealous always question the motives of other people. How is this bad, so it is good if you are doing detective work. A descendant of the goat trail will follow with unerring instinct and unwavering perseverance, as long as there is the slightest chance of success.

It’s good to be friends with the goat, but bad if enemies of these devices. Real hard to forgive, and imaginary insults. If one presents their friendship and trust are consistent with that. Ambitious and have a great executive ability because of an unusually high concentration.

They are born leaders and organizers and do not like to take orders from others. If you are in a subordinate position, are pessimistic and irritable. They have no inclination towards marriage. It’s hard to relax emotionally even if you decide to enter into marriage.

They are born leaders. Do not suffer orders! If you are in a subordinate position, are pessimistic and irritable.

CHILD Aquarius: family man

Children Aquarians are quite shy and withdrawn nature. They like to deal with family business and always manage to find a way to get better in life. In the quiet and unassuming way acquired many friends.

Family life they usually ideal. Mainly devoted, kind and willing to adjust their thinking loved one only to preserve harmony. Their inclination is constant, have a strong mindset, mind and depth of intuition.

Talented for science, literature and philosophy. They are very persistent in everything they do, and therefore fail in everything that is in the long run.

Usually the favorite among his associates and are proud of the respect of others. They will either like or dislike. They will do anything for those who have their favor, but they are very stubborn. Once you form a bad opinion about someone, difficult to change. They are very sensitive to energy and mental changes in a close environment, which are not usually aware of. This, however, can positively and negatively affect their physical health.

They are ready to adapt to a loved one just to preserve harmony.

FISH CHILD. peaceful EMOtionals

Kids Fish are sensitive to mood changes in their environment. It is therefore important that parents keep the bad influence from friends, relatives, acquaintances … absorb both good and evil.

Peaceful. I would rather suffer injury than to fight for their own rights. This is not due to their indifference, but laziness. Parents should them from the earliest years of the award some kind of obligation to help them form work habits.

Better then to learn to be more diligent than to learn to grow up. Once you start working, many will be surprised by their metodičnošću and will act as if the task completed with very little effort.

Honesty is one of the virtues of children Ribe. They are usually trustworthy and will never reveal the secrets entrusted. Sincerely were sympathetic, and it will bring them many friends. They love to eat, enjoy a rich and expensive things, they tend to drink. Parents should instill their frugality and appetite control. If they fail to enforce good habits, being healthy, chili, respected and loved.