Chiron by fields and astrological signs (Transit: Venus-Chiron)

What is known is that the Chiron in the birth chart represents the point at which we are most vulnerable, but also the ability to transform. Symbolically, Chiron is a teacher, a doctor, a wise man, an astrologer, a mentor who is able to experience life turned in their favor and learn something from them. Mythological, is a centaur who was born immortal, but as he hit shot in the leg in a fight with Hercules, should have to suffer the pain as long as he lives. No longer able to tolerate the pain, he asked the gods to allow him to die in Prometheus. Chiron represents so many things, can imagine that the wound trying to heal, but also a place of eternal pain and discomfort. According Hironovom example, we see that we actually immortality of this world can not be measured with a moment of peace that comes with death, namely the release of pain. Chiron is because the type of release and letting things happen by themselves, pogotove those which hold so frantically … What is interesting is that Chiron could treat others, but not himself.

Where is Chiron is in the natal chart, marks the place where we are wounded, where we missing something, but also where we have the most power to help others. However, as no man can love until he loves himself, because it stems from love giving, understanding, empathy, room signs at Chiron represents in fact different levels of lack of love. Fields in which Chiron resides will then apply to the area of ​​life in which we are insecure, vulnerable and alienated from himself. And as long as we are incarnated, Chiron will change the character and the field in the birth chart, as a continent where an individual weight occurs only when soul experience parts of the continent precisely each field and each character individually natal horoscope.

As in this case, and then you notice in any field and sign pieces of Chiron. In your birth chart can be located elsewhere and the other characters from different aspects.

To otrpilike get an insight into the meaning of Chiron in the birth chart should follow the interpretation of Chiron by signs and fields. Of course, his interpretation is more complex when it is compared to the natal chart individual. In this regard, the following interpretations understand general and as an introduction to the meaning of Chiron.

astrological Chiron after the

Chiron in the first field natal horoscope will refer to an identity crisis. He speaks about the beginnings of life of the people, of wounds suffered during this period. This is the charisma that comes from pain. A person with this position can be very suggestive to others. Charisma can therefore be used as manipulation, not to help others, all depends on the person’s consciousness.

Chiron in another field applies to the crisis of values ​​and self-esteem. A person is not sure what to believe. It with this position teaches you how to build self-confidence and self-esteem. This also applies to the choices and decisions. You need to learn to value their opinions and talents.

Chiron in the third field relates to the treatment itself that comes through communication, travel, contact with brothers or sisters. A person reveals himself through teaching, writing, small everyday things, but at the same time here experiencing problems. It’s hard for her to higher consciousness connects with everyday life. Often her story will work for the environment very mature and practical, and that the everyday level completely useless.

Chiron in fourth field means that a person discovers her inner strength through family and their origin. A person may have fears that not enough will to never have my family. To the person who discovered it, must first get to know your family history, and forgive my parents what their resentment.

Chiron in the fifth field relates to the detection of inner strength through creativity and talent through teaching others, love for children. Crises of this field is related to problems with the expression of one’s sexuality, which can move in extremes, or has or does not have at all. A person needs to learn how to manifest your inner potential so as to be more concerned with themselves and better meet their leisure time. Chiron in the fifth field can give sports doctors.

Chiron in the sixth field is already interested in the treatment and finding alternative solutions and medications to help others. These people can intuitively sense how to be treated and also help yourself and the people around them. However, there may be too burdened by cleaning, disease, nutrition … Hypochondria.

Chiron in the seventh house themselves and their healing powers met through connections and collective unconscious, you should not let it own ego hampers to connect with others. These people often forget that we are in fact all connected and that the only thing that separates us from others is awareness of one’s body, and when used dysfunctional then called ego. People with this position are charismatic and can affect large groups of people.

Chiron in the eighth field indicates fears about death, separation from other people, abandonment, the need for control. On a subconscious level, Chiron in the eighth field can have a clean karmic influence, mainly in connection with the experiences of past life, which again may have to do with the occult, sudden deaths, murders and the like. Understanding karmic fears have resulted in the transformation and self-healing, and better understanding of other people’s behavior and motives which relieves the need for control.

Chiron in ninth field is related to the crisis of faith. A person may be suspicious and distrustful of various teachings. It can be strictly adhere to a belief, having no understanding for others. The person in things all the time searching for the truth and some higher meaning, but does not accept the possibility that each person has their own truth and his conception of God. Their views often tries to impose on others. There are great philosophical insights and can be a great teacher and spiritual leader.

Chiron in the tenth box refers to the discovery of the self through career advancement, fame. At the same time people will be in one part of your life will have to sacrifice his status because someone, it usually can be a partner, someone in the family. One should learn to heal and the need to be the best and accepted for what he created. Status is gained through a willingness to give up when we are no longer needed.

Chiron in the eleventh field refers to the fulfillment that comes through friends, organizations, personal commitment and willingness, as well as helping others, volunteering and expression of personal freedom. A person needs to do something great for the society in which he lives, but often they do not see how she could help. It can happen and that its aspirations beyond its capabilities and therefore any change in the wider environment must change to move from immediate environment, in this case through volunteering activities.

Chiron in the twelfth field refers to sacrifice for others. A person has a strong intuition and the need for sacrifice and spirituality finds peace and convey it to others. However, this person may have very sensitive nervous system, may be prone to depression and serious thoughts. These people need someone who will motivate them and focus in Growth. You need to develop faith in their own abilities and intuition. They can be loaded with mysticism and ideas to the point that they forget that the idea is to serve man, not to rule.

Chiron after astrological signs

Chiron in Aries quickly regenerate, and quickly wounds. This is a person who intuitively recognize what she does not serve and how it can time to master and solve things in its favor. However, like any Aries, this person can refuse to help in the healing of others, especially partners. The power of healing comes from inner strength, but it does not mean that completely excludes the outside.

Chiron in Taurus is stable, he is regenerated through time and earthly things. Regenerated through the establishment of practical value in relation to the environment, and most partners. Regeneration is slow but continuous and effective. Supported by good aspects, those with Chiron in Taurus find peace and healing through nature and healthy food.

Chiron in Gemini is regenerated through contact with other people, through the exchange of ideas through movement. A person reveals his inner strength to expressive and creative ways, preferably in contact with the group. This person can help others through a strong logic, reasoning, practical advice. It is the one who heals with the position of Chiron in Gemini.

Chiron in Cancer represents healing which is caused by emotions, psyche, subconscious, internal need for belonging. A person’s whole life looking for his family, for identity through unity. For a person to reveal their identity, must become aware of and accept the vulnerability that often tries to hide not only from themselves, but from their families.

Chiron in Leo has an inner need to be accepted, loved and appreciated. Naturally, there is a desire to help, but also to see the appreciation for such an act. Must learn how to do something for another person without motive that he would return the favor. A person should be free of expectations, a practicing gratitude and generosity.

Chiron in Virgo usually experiencing a crisis in terms of logic, work habits, order and organization. Healing comes through modesty, acceptance and faith in people’s ability. This position Chiron is often suspicious of others and their ability to be completed by the end of things. They must reveal his humility and purity through the release of control and excessive concern for others. They can be great doctors and teachers.

Chiron in Libra is manifested through love affairs, community, family and art. This person can help others through counseling, active listening. Tactics and diplomacy give it an advantage in dealing with people. Very easily could have guessed someone else’s intentions and timely responses to them. However, the greatest crisis that is being experienced relating to marriage and fear of abandonment partners.

Chiron in Scorpio is related to the crisis of identity, passion and will. The person feels like he does not belong anywhere and that nobody understands. To cure yourself must first accept that it is imperfect, you also need to learn how to let go of things and how to get rid of the fear that they will never have enough of what she needs.

Chiron in Sagittarius refers to healing by the vitality, consciousness, energy, connecting to a higher consciousness. These people may have problems with the acceptance of different viewpoints. The biggest crisis will experience in the field of education, philosophy, law, because it will be difficult to accept the rules themselves are not created. Real freedom comes from knowing that respect for the rules does not necessarily mean faith in them, but practically functioning in a given period of time.

Chiron in Capricorn lens other establishing the organization, order and norm. Can often be rigid, without understanding and conservative compared to others, but also in relation to yourself, so in those areas experiencing the biggest crisis. Will happen to people with this position are burdened with rules, too many rules they suffocated, too little seems unmotivated and without a goal. They are very clever and easy to learn from their own mistakes. This knowledge should be transferred to others.

Chiron in Aquarius brings idealism, the idea of ​​a better life and love that transcends the individual. However, the wound of Chiron’s passivity, bigotry, inability to separate the person from the idea and practically implemented. A person discovers her inner strength through unity and empathy, but also the independence and freedom. Must learn how to overcome their stubbornness and often reserved attitude towards people who want to establish a deeper emotional contact.

Chiron in Pisces refers to sacrifice our own desires for the sake of a higher goal. Here the individual is aware that he is only a small part of the universe and that his power, as long as the individual is actually part of a larger whole. The mysticism of this position is very pronounced, on the lens through poetry, meditation, renunciation. Wounds that this position indicates are related to excessive dependence on others, the role of victim, confusion and excessive emotionality.

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