Chiron in aspect (Transit: Venus-Chiron)

The harmonious aspects Chiron with the Sun (the sextile, trine) we will be able to use their talents and creativity we use to work on themselves and self development. His creativity throw light on what hurts us and so our healing becomes a source of inspiration. Heavy aspects, such as the opposition and the square will be given the need to hide flaws and wounds, in order to retain the reputation of persons. This is causing problems belief that wounds need to hide that bad if you have a problem, and even worse if they face them. In contrast to the previous example those with discordant aspects of Chiron and the Sun (opposition, square) do not have insight into what it hurts, often consciously choosing not to look in that direction. While in the first case the person is in fact the inspiration, in the second case the person becomes frustrated.

The harmonious aspects Chiron and the Moon (conjunction, sextile, trine) are made easy perception and vision samoolečenja, enhances intuition and concern for others, which Chiron becomes a real emotional healer with a great capacity for insight into other people’s problems. Healing comes through the female line, and deep relationships with his mother. It can even happen to people because it is rejected by her mother teach you how to be a mother herself, which is developing the huge potential for empathy, for the forgiveness of their roots and ourselves, we can forgive other people. Here’s the key insight, understanding and peace. Inharmonious aspects (opposition, square) returns fears, emotional losses, the inability of a person to focus on what is important to her. Can my whole life to look for partners who will replace the role of parents.

Harmonious expression of Chiron and Mercury (the sextile, trine) allows a person not only saw, but also to convey to others what he saw. If we’re talking about wounds, difficult moments, healing, then the person what he can learn in a very easy and interesting way to pass on. It’s a good position to write short stories, fairy tales, anecdotes. Wisdom is transmitted in the form of simple and understandable to most. Inharmonious aspects of Mercury and Chiron (opposition, square) returns illusions about the problem, or unrealistic perception of things, as well as the difficulty that it appears in the proper manner. A person can see what is happening and what is the pain, but it was not able to define it. What’s more, if Mercury is threatened by difficult aspects, then it can happen to make a bigger problem than he was at the beginning.

Harmonious expression of Venus and Chiron (trine, sextile, conjunction) is about love that transforms, healing comes through art and music. People with this position are able to love unconditionally. In more serious aspects, this becomes a fatal love, blind love, a person can be attracted to partners who need help, or some form of treatment. Beautiful aspects of bringing talent, creativity, peace, harmony, enjoying the music, composing. Heavier aspects (opposition, square) returns insecurity, feelings of apathy, laziness, and which hinder a person to a realistic approach to what needs to change with you.

Chiron and Mars in a favorable aspect (sextile, trine) bring healing through activities, sports, timely motivation and choice of means at any given time. Having a clear goal is very important for the process of self-healing, and people with harmonious aspects easy to know how to recognize what you need to do in order to heal. They have a strong motivation and a desire to understand what is happening to them. In unfavorable aspects (opposition, square, conjunction) may be too irritable, inattentive and insecure, not accepting their own responsibility in raising the awareness of the problem. They tend to shift the blame to other people.

Chiron and Jupiter in favorable aspect (conjunction, sextile, trine) allow a person to have a deeper and more practical insight into their abilities, these people are good teachers. Jupiter to Chiron expansion, so that the positive aspects provide an insightful person, good astrologers, great doctors, and musicians. Jupiter provides a lot of education and wisdom, which in combination with Chiron provides sophisticated, charismatic and remembered people with excellent skills insightful. In the discordant aspects such as opposition or square, Jupiter can corrupt or lazy person to learn and develop the skills he gained a certain position of Chiron, the person or not trying hard enough and never use his talent or is aware of, but does not know how to it develops and uses.

Chiron and Saturn in harmonious aspects (sect trine) provide structured treatment, a person who likes to have clear steps in doing something, the person heals and helps the precision and discipline, it is the person who develops a unique method. These are people who can help the elderly or view them as a special kind of experience. They are very interested to create rules that will serve the people. In the discordant aspects, such as the square and opposition person will be hampered to help others, because it is too strict adherence to rules. This is not the priority of help and healing, education, and respect for the rule more specific steps. A person can not see beyond the routine to which it is accustomed, and therefore does not understand how it is changing.

Chiron and Uranus in aspect (sect trine) provide new methods that serve the world. This treatment is through pulses of electricity, equipment, chips. This individuality is sacrificed for the sake of others. Yields experiments in the field of medicine. Hiron here deals with types and extending life. This combination brings original ideas that anyone can use and apply to the research fields of intuition and how it can help us to predict events. In this regard, the position is good for astrology, although from the standpoint of traditional astrology, astrology is referred to Saturn, Mercury and the third and ninth fields. In the discordant aspects (square, opposition, conjunction), Uranus brings pride and ideas that do not serve anybody except the person who fanaticism propagated. It can give people who do not want to cooperate with others, who have no goal to help, but to show what they have achieved. Innovation and ideas are in themselves.

Neptune and Chiron in harmonious aspects (sextile, trine) will give a new religion, medicine, something different and alternative. This is an aspect of inspiration, and very easily can be used both for literature and for spirituality, medicine and the like. This is an aspect that relates to universal love and understanding. It may refer to the treatment of music, water and color. Chiron and Neptune in aspect provide antidotes, prayer and affirmation. In the discordant aspects (square, opposition, conjunction) will be given the immaturity of the proceedings. A person has no insight into his actions, he can not understand in any way affect the environment. These are fake doctors, leaders of sects, promising a better life under suspicious circumstances. All aspects of Neptune confers charisma, which can go from unconditional love for everyone to sacrifice all for the love of you. Ideal is the same, but the direction is not.

Chiron and Pluto in a harmonious aspect (trine, sextile) give the transformation and liberation through pain and suffering. This is an aspect of gratitude and enlightenment, and the situations in the most difficult. It represents a collective death and the collective unconscious. Chiron Here lies the pain and learn through birth and death. This is the aspect of regression, learning about past lives, returning to the subconscious to understand consciousness. The method of treatment volcanic stones will best meet this aspect. In the discordant aspects (square, opposition) gives unrecognized instincts and aggression. Sexuality is disturbed. It occurs obsession with another person. This position will also provide fanaticism and blind faith. It produces a huge explosion and sacrifice life in the name of someone or something.

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