Clever sign: laugh at the expense of your sign

If you are constantly in the horoscope looking for answers to the important questions of life, maybe it’s time to have a little laugh – read what the stars say about something lighter topics.


What you in uniform?

Perfect Soldier: ironed uniform, shoe shine, behavior is impeccable, superior represent you as an example to others. In a few months you become a deserter, because you have not upgraded to a higher rank and you have no one to shout from the top of his voice.

Why do you suffer from insomnia?

Aries believes that sleeping too slowly and causing yourself to see if it can be the whole night awake.

How Rams need to change the light bulb?

Only one, but it takes a lot of light bulbs, because the Rams clumsy and thugs and break everything they come to hand.


What you in uniform?

The officer who doubts everything and everyone and trust no one. Therefore, it deals with the most serious thought to patent the pocket lie detector and tested it on his own mother, wondering whether he prefers a brother or him.

Why do you suffer from insomnia?

Taurus can not sleep because he forgot to take out your silk bedding from your washer.

How Bulls need to change the light bulb?

No one. Bulls do not like change because their favorite food and relaxing activities.

What you in uniform?

The easier it is to put on a uniform, but the command line. If it is in the military, usually ends in a military court because they stole his gun while he slept in the guard post. If a police officer, faces a disciplinary because he forgot where he left his official car.

Why do you suffer from insomnia?

The twins are just not tired.

How Twins need to change the light bulb?

The two, of course. It will last all weekend, but when they finish, light bulbs to clean the house, to speak French and illuminate where you want color … How do you like that, huh?

What you in uniform?

It does not look like a cop, does not talk like a cop, and has excellent results in solving various cases. This is because it gives advice to his secret helper, crystal ball, which lies in the last drawer of his desk.

Why do you suffer from insomnia?

Cancer care how his beloved sleep.

How Rakova need to change the light bulb?

Only one, but it will take him three years of emotional therapy to overcome the loss of the previous lamps.

What you in uniform?

The officer who stops a car with a nice driver, but she thrives dag flattery and satisfied to forgive her speeding ticket, and it also gives your phone number. When the end of the day the name of that number, only after the third call a dag managed to convince got veterinary clinic.

Why do you suffer from insomnia?

Leo thinks about himself and his actions.

How the Lions need to change the light bulb?

“What? What do you think of? Leo does not change the brightness of the bulb … I’ll look for some other sjalica to shed light on the stage while his fans clapping.

What you in uniform?
A favorite among colleagues and bosses, expensive as it tries every job that her assignment to do the perfect. Therefore, the entire police administration cope with the complaints of citizens who are behind the towel to find penalties because their cars are washed.

Why do you suffer from insomnia?

Virgo adjusts the pillows and bedding tightens, until it is fully satisfied.

Virgo How does it take to change a light bulb?

Let’s see … One that is removed, the second to be recorded when the blow and the date when it was purchased, another carefully … I reject a new decade for the refurbishment of the house where the bulb is, because the furnishings sloppy. Well, do the math!

What you in uniform?

Sense of justice is desirable in police work, a police officer of that Libra has enough. And because she does not understand why those two fractious susetkinje so angry with her for three hours after their detailed examination of the causes and origin of the quarrel.

Why do you suffer from insomnia?

Libra can not decide what to wear tomorrow.

Libra How does it take to change a light bulb?

“Well … I do not really know, I guess it all depends on how much is burned out … Maybe only one in the case of an ordinary light bulb or two if the person does not know where to buy a new or maybe …” Hajdeeee! Make up your mind, Vago!

What you in uniform?

He loves guns more than uniforms, but wearing it and in plain clothes, of course, with permission. Therefore, in the middle of the night have to drive in-law to the emergency, because in the kitchen heard a burglar while he sneaks in and put a gun to his head, and only then remembered that his mother in law away, and he might have gone to the kitchen to get a drink of water.

Why do you suffer from insomnia?

Scorpio is doing something else!

Scorpio How does it take to change a light bulb?

“Who wants to know? … Why does he want to know? Could it be the police? What are you accusing me? ”


What you in uniform?

Usually sports type soldier or policeman, and all he’s good at. Career would have been flawless that it is not to bet his superior colleagues submitted the report in uniform with a red bow tie instead of ties.

Why do you suffer from insomnia?

Sagittarius thinks about many things that he could do instead of what he went to sleep.

How Scorers need to change the light bulb?

“The sun is shining, life is … one big puzzle, we do not know what came first: the chicken or the egg, and you’re worried about changing a bulb silly?”

What you in uniform?

I feel good in uniform and he likes that it works, but in his opinion, undeserved bad reputation. It’s not his fault that his drivers usually do not stop but had to chase them or you transferred from police to firefighters, and after a week burned a warehouse fire.

Why do you suffer from insomnia?

Capricorn has already scheduled his nap a few hours to have the strength for night work.

How Jarčeva need to change the light bulb?

Zero. Capricorns do not change light bulbs unless they do not see the possibility of good earnings.

What you in uniform?

On their skin felt that uniform does not give the slightest extravagance. As much as he usually worked well, the superior can not seem to forgive her as long to realize given its cap children to play with it, but it was eventually somehow mysteriously disappeared.

Why do you suffer from insomnia?

Aquarius is not sleeping because he is constantly on the Internet.

Aquarius How does it take to change a light bulb?

Appears on hundreds of Aquarius and all will compete to see who is out of this world that will give you light.


What you in uniform?

Humanism Fish is usually incompatible with work in uniform. If there though completed, are often the envy of their peers because of the success in detecting culprits according to the principle: “He has a red nose, certainly easier, but when lying, and the stealing.” And, worst of all, are usually wrong.

Why do you suffer from insomnia?

Fish dream during the day.

How many fish need to change the light bulb?

“A what? … is the power went out? It’s a drag! “