COLORFUL HOROSCOPE: In choosing colors for painting the apartment can help ASTROLOGY!

Choosing colors for painting can be led to a crisis of identity. The next time you want to renovate an apartment, consult your horoscope.

Aries – pink

You are confident, dynamic and somewhat adventurous. Although many believe that the pink color of children’s rooms, you know that it is for the strong, bold and perfectly adults. Like you, pink is the color that holds it in place.

Taurus – black

Some say that you are stubborn, but we know that only hold to their views. Appreciate the beauty and luxury, but it makes you a trendsetter and that’s why you black suits are so good – you are a brave and fashion conscious.

Gemini – yellow

The twins are lively, flexible and very social. Sunny yellow room just so befits a social being. Among other things, the yellow is flexible, and therefore can fit with colorful accents, and it does the fact that your environment easily bored.

Cancer – light blue

You are a true homebody, sensitive soul who is loyal to the end. Light blue color exudes vibrations that will help you recharge your batteries. In addition, this shade will inspire you to be creative.

Lav – purple

Where is any drama, there is a lion – and we think the best way possible. You spice up the lives of everyone in their environment, inspire them by their very presence. You are a star in the company and this royal color befits you.

Virgo – cream

You are one of those people that twenty different shades of these colors. Meticulous and intelligent you are, you have a practical side that you ordered to the neutral color only wise choice.

Libra – Green

All you described as severe but fair person. You have strong convictions, but also a gentle side to appreciate the beauty in every form. Your purpose in life is to achieve balance, a green you just there to help – it is a harmony.

Scorpio – red

You are a passionate person who does everything by giving yourself and your whole heart. Red befitting your personality, but it is also your ability to be bound by the choices we make. Your instinct is usually right.

Sagittarius – chocolate brown

The group of friends you are the one who philosophizes, you know the following words of wisdom. Although you are a person who is full of energy, chocolate brown shade has the intensity which helps you to stay put.

Capricorn – gray

Reserved, patient and hardworking, believe that good things come to those who wait. You are disciplined and have a plan for everything. The neutral shade such as gray is perfect, timeless choice for you.

Aquarius – orange

Sociable but independent. Your style tends to the unusual and eclectic choices. As the original person, you are able to see the good side of things that others avoid. This citrus color is as unique as you are.

Fish – dark blue

Imaginative, sensitive, very saoseajni says you’re a water sign. Like cancer, you naturally aspire blue because it calms you. However, you prefer darker shades that let you work more comfortable and does not disturb you.