Coming into contact with the natal position of Venus (practicing gratitude)

To get in proper contact with his Venus, doing five-minute daily practice of gratitude for what you already have. You need to actually utter aloud and do not need to feel that what you say, in the sense that you really have inside to feel immense gratitude towards the lamps that you see every day on the table. Repetition is used to become aware of the fact that you have that light which we used for years, as well as hot water, electricity, family, friends. If you really want to feel the emotion, imagine what would happen if there is no such lamps, electricity, water, family. People usually notice a lack of better, because it is a shock to their reality, which is why this is a good exercise for the revival of emotion and gratitude exercise.

There are other energy exercises and affirmations that you can use to get in better contact with your Venus, which means that Venus in each sign could manifest and harmonious and discordant qualities and that no character is not privileged. Venus in Libra or Taurus is just that, a certain position. However, the expression depends on both the experience and the level of awareness of people.