Confident, passionate and stubborn: Women born under this zodiac sign LIKE NAJLUĐE

She laughs loudest, has the most beautiful smile and her confidence is seen on all sides. Attractive, bold, passionate, stubborn, for it says that he likes the craziest, full of life and desire for love. If you have not guessed, it’s a woman in Leo.


Independent and strong individuality lioness wants a partner with which it shares those characteristics. I do not need someone to take care of her, but a man secure enough in themselves to allow her to be with him featured in its full force. Regarding loves is always a lot of fun and dynamics – can not stand routine.


Thanks to his warm personality, magical energy, enthusiasm and exuberance, the lioness as a magnet attracts people around you, and her friends often are its “fans”.

Generous lioness your friends and likes to please his many best friend.

Look and feel

The thick unruly hair like a lion’s mane, expressive facial features, large, warm eyes, sparkling view, wide forehead, upturned nose and small ears physical characteristics by which the lioness recognizable. Most is proud of his thick hair thick hair which is usually blue or red.

Higher and longer legs, long waist, elegant and very tight muscles and royal bearing. Always operate respectable, proud and balanced.