Cool as a cucumber: This zodiac sign you will never show emotions

This zodiac sign is afraid of its own deep emotion, it tends to become a loner and is interested only true love.

Suppresses emotions, striving perfectionism and always unobtrusive – this is Virgo. It is always expected that the second notice, it is difficult to do the first step, waiting to be conquered, not to suffer defeat, is ready to put up with insults, captures refinement, restraint.

When in a relationship partner fulfills all desires, at least initially, or tries to leave that impression. She only managed to hit the desire of the person she likes. They allege the men that love them, they first make them feel strong next to them and then manipulate their egos.

Although the act that is, they still are not passionate. Given that the perfectionist, Virgo partner insists that price and respects the care, cleanliness and hygiene, as well as being practical and goal-oriented. Its standards are set pretty high, so she usually takes a long time to find a person who will be worthy of its interest.

Once you have found the right one, Virgo is ready to move heaven and earth for him. Although she does not allow anyone by the nose, has the talent to recognize almost any lie, no matter how perfect or even the slightest trace of someone else’s perfume on it. But Oona in such situations will not make a scene, because it’s not her style. If you really feel very hurt, erase memories of their partners like they never existed.