COUNCIL ASTROLOŠKE IMAGINATION: Discover the power that you would have your zodiac sign you’re superheroes or villains?!

Sew yourself cloak, select a secret weapon, think of a flammable nickname and then venture into the mysterious world of heroes and the dark lord of evil!

Superhero: You can slow down time to be fought with incredible speed, making it impossible for someone hits you or shoot you.

The villain: You are untouchable. Your enemies are needed extreme measures in order to succeed to harm you.

Superhero: You can control the weather, and therefore many aspects of nature.

The villain: You have the power to cause seismic movements and earthquakes.

Superhero: You are intangible. It is impossible to feel any sense, when you want.

The villain: You are able to force anything to disappear and to absorb its energy.

Superhero: You have the power to know the developments elsewhere and to feel the areas that are not close.

The villain: Your voice to be heard, and you can retrieve all the animals, monsters and creatures beyond to help in the fight.

Superhero: You can feel when you are nearing the danger and to prepare or remove in time.

The villain: You have the power to change the outcome of events that require luck or a miracle.

Superhero: You manage to create around transparent or invisible shield that protects you from everything.

The villain: You can send a person anywhere, mainly to their captors or just away from yourself.

Superhero: You have the power to teleport from one place to another while you are surrounded by magical orbit.

The villain: You understand and you can learn any language – including alien – through physical contact.

Superhero: the power of the mind can not reject photons and so to say sennku or darkness around him.

The villain: You can not control anyone’s mind and body by temporarily leave his body.

Superhero: You have the power to travel through different dimensions.

The villain: You are able to speed up the movement of molecules in order to actually rose into the air.

Superhero: You can reduce the kinetic energy of the atoms in order to lower the temperature. You do this to control, rules or absorb ice.

The villain: You have the power to kill or fatally hurt whoever you want and only through touch.

Superhero: Understand that open portals in time and space.

The villain: You are able to pass through solid objects.

Superhero: All you desire is fulfilled.

The villain: You have the power to change and create a reality on his own.