CRITERIA FOR HIGH prefers solitude: Women born under this sign harder to find true love

Some signs of the zodiac easily find their soul mate, while others are exposed to great temptations until they finally settle down.

One zodiac sign has so expressive criteria that they unfortunately often condemn the solitude. This is a woman Capricorn. Her attitude to life is realistic. She loves to price stability and only those people who have certain values ​​in accordance with their beliefs.

Capricorn wife does not like to waste time in life to meaningless or worthless situation. She despises her reverie and imaginative conversations. A woman born in Capricorn can accurately assess the current individual events and is a good organizer. In business, as in life, she does not want to attract the attention of other people in any way. It is discreet and work hard as an ant.

Loneliness is her refuge. She decided to live alone and somehow aside. We can not say that it is very optimistic, and life is something very serious for her. A woman born in the sign of Capricorn does not expect a lot of joy and happiness of your partner because you do not believe in miracles.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, does not accept this as an obligation but as a real gift.

A woman in Capricorn rarely experienced great and sincere love. When you like or even better, when you decide to confess to love, it usually happens after a long introduction to the man.

When you decide to make an important step, it is usually for life. Her partner must be a maximum patient. However, you should know that many members of this sign are often left alone all his life. Even when women marry Capricorn, and it often happens in mature age, I do it for some reason, but because of the heart and sincere feelings.