Cruel and quite frankly sign: Scorpio why everyone despises and avoids RAKOVE

Only those who believe in the stars!


You not only are arrogant and quarrelsome minded, you are also very rigid and dogmatic.

Like the python, which suffocates its prey with its relentless fatal procedure; Your ego avoids getting hurt at any cost, even if it means alienation from everyone around you.

There is no meaningful discussion with Aries. You do not need facts and empathy, it would only disrupt your thinking. No, after you decide something, there is nothing to be changed.

When not busy with his other irritating arrogance and “intelligence”, spend a lot of time engaging in reckless, impulsive and undisciplined behavior.

When a project needs to be completed, you leave it to others to complete the worry-free move to the next adventure.

You are the person who makes the office is truly a wonderful place – when you leave.


Your tendency pampering oneself and laziness is really confusing. Do you believe that the world owes you something, but you lack the motivation to actually do something about it. Your possessive and materialistic nature often causes you to be jealous of other people, especially to those who actually achieve what you want.

Your possessive nature and tendency to jealousy makes you prone to spying and simply do not accept “no” for an answer. Also, you have a tendency to be rude. Another reason that many of you live in my mother’s basement and into adulthood.


You are a very nervous person lacking capacity to make decisions. Your inability to focus, not only unpleasant for her missing out on various occasions in life, which is odd considering how much value the superficial things that you consider status symbols.

The twins are naturally intelligent, but they easily get bored, which is really just a poor excuse for being weird and vague. Mess things up with almost unlimited power. No one can create a chaotic workspace with as much enthusiasm as you.

Your dual personality creates a bipolar mood that has no direction and intense anxiety. In other words, you are very irritable, and most people think you’re crazy.


You are often sad, depressed, chronically pessimistic, hyper-emotional and intrusive. If that was not enough – also are prone to nagging and constant regret. Every small challenge in life you look like Everest and chronic are the victim.

No one on earth has not experienced the trouble that you have experienced. At every step, wherever you go, the violin should be played sad songs.

The more you are attracted to family life than a career, because you can not move forward. Your pessimistic thinking and hypochondria caused a lot of absenteeism and eventually get fired or because they do not appear or because people actually there is no longer want.


Your ego truly knows no bounds. You’re a legend in your own mind – and you can not understand why others do not share the same opinion.

You have an incredible zeal and excessive need for drama, along with equally great lack of talent. Never let it prevent you to come to the spotlight, because at least incredibly good-looking.

Your sexiness and good fashion sense, of course, what really matters in this superficial world.

For your checkered nature, the obsessive need for attention, constant demands and lack of patience – your good looks are the only thing that keeps you alive.


You are restless, hyper-critical and stubborn. With all that together it is impossible to ever be satisfied, thus becoming one of the most difficult people to live with.

You have a tendency to remain stuck in the past to avoid all forms of modernization and is constantly complaining that nothing works well or efficiently as it should. Of all the characters in the Zodiac, your lack of ingenuity and skills of creative problem solving is really stunning.

You appreciate constructive criticism and brutal honesty above all else, especially if you are the one who has something to say, a little less when you returned services.

Regardless of your age, your stunning lack of personality prototype makes you grumpy old man who screams at the kids in the neighborhood to move away from his lawn.


You are the ideal partner for the dominant signs of the zodiac. Your excessive vanity, uncertainty, inability to ever decide to make you an excellent trophy or mat.

Vagina mantra is: “Why bother thinking or do anything hard as long as they can achieve the things I want your good looks?” Contemplate and be independent is difficult! The balance is not wearing well with everything that is emotionally challenging.

You actually have an amazing gift for circumvention of other people. Most of you see as indecisive and gullible, but it is not always true. You are actually very smart and able to show people exactly what they want to see how charmed them and get what you want.

Actually you are very, very manipulative in spite of the appearance. Well played!


You are the cruelest and most valuable despicable character in the entire zodiac – and with good reason. Seriously, no one has anything nice to say about Scorpio, except that you are physically very attractive.

You’ve probably already learned by now that your seductive nature of the only positive thing that goes in favor in the eyes of humanity. It is good that you enjoy the suffering of others, because your life otherwise was totally poor.

Scorpio are by far the worst of the worst. Narcissism, jealousy, rage, blind ambition and smart intellect without compassion; you have everything. It’s like a buffet of pure evil. No one is so manipulative, cunning, secretive and power-hungry and no resentment as you.

Scorpion’s competitive nature and drive to be the leader of the pack makes it impressive enemy. He will hunt you down to the end of the world and will never stop you resentment. Even if you have not done anything, and Scorpio you just do not like, you will be the target of her blind rage and she will enjoy your destruction.

Scorpio is often quietly sneak up on its prey before it bites, and people born under this sign are no different. Even when the mixture, they are planning your death, unless they benefit you, then you’ll be safe for a while.


Your ultimate lack of tact and diplomacy should lead to you all hate, but for some reason, you have a fire, magnetic personality that attracts people. As a moth attracted to a flame. If you like brutal honesty and the love of her travels in one direction – out of your mouth.

Despite your incredible talent to be blunt, you have an amazing inability of accepting constructive criticism. Your tendency to overestimate almost everything about myself. You never do anything wrong, because in your head, it’s always someone else’s fault.

The good thing is that you are so unique, living person with a sense of adventure, or to your preference inconsistencies, careless and impulsive behavior could be considered negligence or stupidity. In fact, it is still in some way considered.


You have the personality of the hive. Of all the characters, you are the most boring. You will always see the glass half empty, and nothing will convince you otherwise. Kill all the vibrancy of the party, you can suck the light of the sunniest days.

You’ve never done anything spontaneously in my entire life, and you’re pretty sure your unimaginative way of doing things the right time for everything. You are so self-absorbed that probably do not even notice how many people try to avoid your presence.

You are deep in accordance with their rich emotional depths and can lament endlessly about anything, as long as it has to do with you. You have an amazing inability to empathy with others and their pain just watching for comparison with their eternal suffering.

Some say you’re shy – but really are not, you are totally absorbed in himself and anti – social you are. Suffice it to say – you have no social skills and spend a lot of time in solitude, because you are my favorite person.


You are unpredictable, inconsistent, opinionated and stubborn. You are the controller and narcissistic person allowing you and your feelings, if necessary, off and on.

You play one good listening skills, but once you have done, no amount of thinking, the fact will not change your version of the truth. Wherever the need passionate, illogical, irrational extremists, should be called Aquarius.

You never arrived in time to any event in history. If it is possible for anyone to be late for his own funeral, it will be you.

You are unpredictable, independent and do not care how your delay affects others in a negative way. Manipulative you, gloomy and melodramatic. Members of the team you work you hate.


Your idealism knows no boundaries, which is probably why you will spend most of his life running away from reality, not doing any actual work. You are wounded idealist who is chronically demoralized and always flies from say an elephant.

Your perfectionism stop you before you ever try anything really. You are very restless and unreasonable, and most people do not like it when they want to help, because you do it for selfish reasons.

You are not altruistic as you would like people to believe. Fish motives are never pure and often come with a price.

For your overly sensitive and pessimistic nature, combined with your samosabotirajućim perfectionism’re destined for mediocrity. You will never be truly successful in anything.