CRYSTAL sign: Choose your pebble! Each zodiac sign has its own protective stone …..

Each zodiac sign has its own protective stone that can be a very positive influence on him.

The stars influence our decisions, attitudes, appearance and behavior, but additional support we can get, carrying stones to protect us. Find your protective talisman and read about what you can all help.

RAM – Karneol

Karneol microcrystalline variant of a transparent quartz that is colored in the oxidized iron, and thus their reddish tone. This semiprecious stone lands and anchoring in present reality. It removes fear and panic, restores vitality and stimulates creativity. It gives courage and fosters positive choices in life, eliminates apathy and motivate to success in business. Cornell’s powerful protection depends, anger and resentment. It affects the metabolism, fertility, rheumatism and depression. Worn as a pendant around his neck. If placed next to the front door and you summon protection and wealth into the house.

BIK – Peridot

The olive-green stone protects the aura, helps balance and emotional healing old wounds of love. It opens the way to his own heart, and treat injured ego. Frees from external influences and relieves depression. It is a powerful purifier, cleanses the toxins and the mind. It has a friendly energy and is excellent for treatment. Brings abundance, prosperity, harmony in relationships. It reduces stress, anger and jealousy.

GEMINI – Smaragd

This is a stone that brings blessing and loyalty to home, boosts unity, unconditional love and partnership. It opens the heart chakra and soothing acts on feelings. Provides physical, emotional and mental balance. It removes the negative and make a positive impact. Increases extrasensory abilities. It gives strength to overcome the sadness in life. This is the cornerstone of reconstruction and recovery. It affects the lungs, heart, spine, muscles, sinuses and eyes – fixing eyesight. It is believed that, when worn around the neck, kept from epilepsy. Worn on the little or ring finger on his right hand over the heart, but it should not be worn continuously because it can cause negative emotions.

RAK – Rubin

Rubin is a stone of abundance and wealth – spiritual and material. Be sexuality and inflames the heart, which is extremely important crustaceans. Kills egoism and leads to a universal and spiritual love. Be loyalty, enthusiasm and generosity, but also encourages and inspiration and energy. His fiery color affects the blood and blood vessels, but also activates the liver, protects from anemia and leukemia, relieves menstrual cramps and regulates blood pressure.

LAV – Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli odstiče to retrieve the stars and go the right way. Leads to enlightenment, enhances extrasensory abilities, facilitating spiritual journey and encourages spirituality. It brings peace of mind, eliminating stress. Repels enemies and negative energy. It calms the nervous system and relieves insomnia. Reduces pain, especially migraine. It helps the respiratory system and balances the functioning of the thyroid gland. Net organs and keep the skeletal system, and is ideal for women in menopause.

VIRGO – Onyx

Semiprecious stone onyx is a symbol of sincerity, subtlety and spiritual strength. Be self-confidence and helps the realization of ideas. The great support if you feel stress – mental or physical. It stimulates vitality and stamina. It is believed that it can absorb the sadness and sorrow. He is an inexhaustible source of life energy and optimism. Creates harmony between body and soul and is a great help to people that concentration is not your strong suit.

SCALE – Safir

Soft or indigo blue, sapphire is associated with the sky and the planet Saturn. Eliminates depression and melancholy, improves vision and removes tension. For the ancient Egyptians was the symbol of truth and justice. It connects the soul with the spirit. Spiritualises, purifies and heals. Stronger sexuality and connects the heart with the mind. Revives and purifies the blood, it is used in the treatment of chronic diseases, as well as in the treatment of epilepsy and disorders of the uterus.


He’s a great protective stone, especially for children. It soothes and strengthens, dispels fears and inspires confidence. Reduces jealousy and emotions to earth. Sonos happiness and increases creativity. Enhances vision and protects against harmful radiation. Brings abundance and fulfillment in all areas of life. Encourages the composure in difficult times and to enjoy every moment.

SCORER – Amethyst

Purple translucent stone improves concentration, calms nerves, reduces the passion and insomnia, and strengthens self-esteem. Strengthens intuition and protects against false friends. Under the pillow brings peace of mind and protects from nightmares. Nourishes the skin, acts on the eye, diabetes, hormones, headaches … It is a powerful blood purifier and helps with mental disorders.


This stone as a talisman cynical person who wears honest, objective and will release it from dangerous passions. It is believed to assist in making the right decisions. Men gives wisdom, intelligence and generosity and beauty and fertility in women, but everyone brings wealth. It helps with insomnia, improves blood pressure and protects against “evil eye”. He is the cornerstone of philosophers and intellectuals, because it sharpens the mind.


This stone will help you overcome stress and get rid of unnecessary baggage. It represents purity of existence and helps in the realization of potential. It’s great to increase courage, relief from stress and calm the mind. Be love and kills anxiety. It is good for the digestive organs, lung and vascular system. It affects the liver, heart, stomach and spine. Increases resistance to toxins.

FISH – Jasper

This reddish stone is a symbol of relaxation and tenderness. It is a great caregiver, support during periods of stress and brings peace. It reminds people that help each other. Provides protection and grounding energy and body. Yields determination in all domains and helps fish to persevere to the end. Encourages openness and the wearer gives courage to speak his mind. It helps during the long illness or long healing and postoperative recovery. It is excellent for vascular, digestive and reproductive systems.