Curious, communicative and insightful: These are the three most intelligent signs of the zodiac

Whether you are among them?

Gemini are very curious and versatile. They are interested in different areas, even though they usually favor the arts. Their wit and ingenuity stems from above-average intelligence.

By nature, are communicative and easily, with friends, but do not waste time on small talk.

Astute and intuitive character. There is hardly a thing to which their piercing eyes and pointed sixth sense would not be able to penetrate. They always tend to feel deep in all that scratch the surface and realize the true meaning. They do not try to manipulate because they are the ones who do it, but very easy to “break” someone else’s intentions.

Although the act foolishly, the shooters are well aware that people assess the situation. They are very social and easy to win the sympathies of the new society.

Among the members of this sign has a lot of scientists, a mathematics and natural sciences in general their forte. They like to invest in yourself and your intellect throughout life.