D E V I C A fortress-hard to get …

1. According to the statistics of the Virgin are the most passionate readers of romance novels. Since psychologists point out that people choice literature compensate for what they lack in life, it seems that those looking for love and romance.

2. fortress hard to get … Lovers Device will first find the arguments against engaging in relationship to your partner only after the analysis of the virtues and vices of the heart called the left.

3. Although not apply to imaginative lovers and mistresses, Virgin are the first who will engage in the study of sexual techniques in detail. “Kama Sutra” have at his fingertips!

4. After research on the positions of managers of American companies and banks they occupy second place, but by reaching around fiftieth birthday.

5. They have the most sensitive digestive system. As a rule, their stomach harbor surplus stomach acid, but often suffer from ulcers.

6. Device are slightly represented in the population of alcoholics and drug addicts. The reason for this is their avoidance of funds that could disrupt rational judgment or encourage nepremereno behavior.

7. For solving everyday problems they need more time than members of other signs of the zodiac. They devote too much attention to detail and analysis, resulting in slower perceived the whole problem.