DAME, get out of them: These zodiac signs are bad husbands

Some men just are not made for married life.

If you want to stop at the “knot”, it would be advisable to find out what the stars say about your chosen individual. Marriage is not so easy, especially if you live in a community with Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces or Aries.

These four characters, are in the worst husbands, and find out why:


Married life with crabs generally, not easy! Although the male members of this sign very emotional, rarely will you show it, let alone say. Man in Cancer act cold and indifferent, but inside it will break the emotional storm. This can lead to big differences, a lady who is next to him will never be completely sure of his feelings. Although the family types and spend many hours at her home, Crabs are often grumpy and lots of nag. They are mostly faithful to their wives, but they are difficult to satisfy.


The man born under this sign must be dominant. Well you get along only if you agree that he is a leader, and you are his faithful companion. As soon as you want to be equal, Scorpio will change behavior. His ego can not stand that woman be more successful than him, so will your marriage function perfectly if you choose to live in his shadow. He’s jealous and possessive, and as soon suspects that his players looked at another man immediately the problem arises. On the other hand, he is inclined to wooing any woman that comes along.


Men born under this sign “sick” are meticulous and everything must be in place. They are ready to go days without talking to his wife just because he did not play mat under glass. Man in Virgo faithful partner, but not something too exciting. As a parent it is very critical, cranky and cold. Success in marriage is (somewhat) possible only if his chosen has a similar character.


Aries is stubborn and impulsive married. He’s looking for someone weaker nature which can protect and impress your masculine qualities. He wants to be a leader, and if his better half is not accepted, conflicts are inevitable. This is one reason why they are often unhappy marriages Rams, although this impact and other factors. One is the tendency towards impotence. The second is the propensity for transient love affairs. The search of the zodiac sign of ideals is often the cause of marital infidelity.