Dame, select him for the spouse and you will never regret it

Each man has his own strengths and weaknesses that make it unique, but experts in the field of astrology believes that the position of the planets and zodiac sign and how this can affect a person’s character

Therefore, according to this teaching can extract a character that, if you choose to be your husband, you will never regret it!

As a husband, allegedly Taurus has the best features of all the characters in the Zodiac! He is gentle, compassionate and faithful. Will never neglect your home and family for any other interests.

Not a dreamer and will not promise towers and castles, but what gives with all your hearts. Your home will be transformed into a cozy and warm corner. Feminine and sensible woman will feel the full force of his thoughtfulness and tenderness, sensuality and love.

Taurus guy has tenacity and perseverance. When you want something that will have. Experience and its own experience are the only criteria for this man. On the spiritual world and life in general down to earth (your element), more concrete, translates the abstract material.

Not classified as a spendthrift, but when it comes to personal satisfaction, broad hands.

Taurus is truly an ideal husband, full of attention, patience, caring. Ensures its financial security and complies with her wishes. He’s so passionate and cuddly, yet realistic and true man. He is known as a great seducer, or married everything changes. Then it becomes very faithful.