DAME, star reveals: Here’s What kind of men are attracted YOUR ZODIAC SIGN!


This “cruel” lady magnet for men who crave excitement and intense trips. Addicted to adventure and travel is sure to attract a girl born under the sign of Aries, and she loves with you to have a partner who cares similar desire to jointly achieve the ultimate pleasure in a relationship.


Taurus knows what it means to love someone and trust him, and give yourself totally to the person you love. Men who are looking for a relaxed, reliable women will surely go crazy for you.


Duplicity is an indication of a man to expect different excitement, and just such and you attract. The men that you attract are often impulsive and ready for new experiences. They follow the heart and that is why they find you.


Sensual, deep and sensitive character who knows what it means to be connected with someone. Crabs simply do not care about money and appearance. What you are more sensitive – that are attractive to them. Men who become obsessed with you, they are looking for love.


Leo can attract anybody wants. Radiate confidence and beauty, even when it sweats.


Device declared najsmernijim mark when it comes to emotions, which usually do not attract sensitive men. Virgo no time for emotional debate. If the man is mad for you, you can not believe it’s because of your beauty, intelligence and beautiful soul.


This sign knows what it means to be able to balance. It is natural that attract men who are looking for stability and peace. They need someone who will see the world from their perspective and understand their perspective.


Any Scorpio also preserves a strong passion for life, but according to their terms. Some will be burned to the flames, but those who understand you will arrive on time and will remain. Men who are attracted to the weight of pure passion.


This character has a power that few people possess, and that is the sense of humor. You know how people laugh. The humor that notice to all parties is something insanely attracted to men.


A sign which is probably just keep Capricorn. A man who was completely unsure of himself completely to the left to protect those with whom you are related. Now, that said, we note that you will win the man who stands firmly on the ground and do not seek help rather than a partner who will be his support.


A man who falls in love with a woman Aquarius often looking for a partner who will encourage that “merry” in it. Since they themselves are free nature, rarely judge other people’s behavior … That is why the man who wants you to be looking for acceptance.


A sign that fosters deep thoughts will probably recognize yourself in something special. Men who are looking for himself in this sign will go crazy