DAME unlucky: If your partner THIS SIGN IN, you never would marry

Many men are reluctant to marry, and their willingness to sail into this community can influence and zodiac sign.

According to the zodiac, the next zodiac signs are harder to decide on this step in the life of …


Charming and nakolenjeni flirting, Gemini no problem to attract the attention of the opposite sex. They are intelligent, very communicative and creative, and their many interests and versatility intrigued many.
Members of this sign have very high standards when it comes to the opposite sex, a zaintrigiraće it interesting and versatile person who will have much understanding for his way of life, and even the occasional flirtation. Gemini marriage is often seen as a constraint.


Sagittarius loves freedom, and this is the reason why often run away from marriage. They want love in the long run, whether it’s about a friendship or a relationship, but without any kind of restriction, which would be tamed. It is extremely affectionate regard, and his partner will receive full attention, and he likes very strong and independent women.


As much as dreamed of the safe harbor, men born under the sign of Aquarius are actually individualists. Freedom and independence are very important to him, and when in a relationship feel any kind of pressure will begin to gradually move away. Since the very šartmantan, in life there are many links. However, when I loved him completely surrender, ready to all the attention his chosen gifts. Another question is how long this will take.