DANGER: When the character gets mad, get away

Seemingly act calm, but when they came to “yellow-minute” Run for it who can.

Many people have a lot of patience whatever it is, but these usually belong to the zodiac sign Aries.

The Rams will suffer a lot, but of course, like everyone, have their own tolerance. And then it would be best to remove them from view and on for a long time.

What will be the most out of shape if they underestimate and make them crazy, and because of your lack of loyalty can also completely exclude you from their lives.

Given the fact that they are extremely temperamental, means to take care of your opponent, absolutely not elected. If you had the misfortune to show them that this is your weakest point, expect to attack right there. Unfortunately, it is not excluded that their revenge includes people close to you, because they know that the Rams will thus hurt even more.

They also occur rarely, but it does occur, it is much enjoy planning revenge that in this way they forget why they’re even doing that. However, it’s even more angry, but at all costs end started.

It is best not to them, do not criticize.