DARK SIDE sign: Aries Do not be mad, do not mind Scorpio!

We have already learned that the stars influence at all, so it is no wonder they are the ones responsible for our faults.

We all have flaws, but you probably did not know that, and they depend on where you were born and the year you the stars (not) favor. No one is deprived of the dark side of nature, and it is different from the sign, Ascendant, Natal chart … We present you mane zodiac signs, so that you know with what you have to fight.

RAM is brutal insults in the least tactful. Thoughtless and King’s insolence at the wrong time. For subtlety did not hear, and if he hurt ego – you are waiting for the worst offenses. Aries is often naive and does not think about the consequences of their actions.

The slowness and stubbornness are the main features of Taurus, which is often too focused on material things and their advantage. To-earth and practical, but disregards social norms. Megaloman and often beyond measure enjoys eating and drinking.

The twins are superficial and hasty, but had also curious and can all be adapted. I can not, however, to concentrate on for a long time, and often serve small lie in order to reach the target.

Mamini pets, crustaceans, hard to control their emotions and are hypersensitive. It irritates their environment because everyone must constantly pay attention to them would not hurt.

Leo is extremely important that the impression left to others, but is trying to show that this is not so. Who knows the Lions know that their desire for excellence and the focus of a unique way of feeding the ego. They have a lot of complexes with whom they have to fight.

VIRGO life is seen as competition, and competition her even closer. If someone humiliate is able to hate him. She’s obsessed with neatness and detail.

Libra is the eternal need to be surrounded by people because they are calculators with a strong fear of being alone. I do not know how much it’s worth and constantly confirmed by others. Intellectual snob.

Scorpio is paranoid and sees everything as something evil. Often proclaimed as malicious and there is little that can worsen the reputation of the sign. They are aggressive and arrogant, give the impression of angry and fearful only, but it is actually their defense mechanism when they feel unloved. All perceived as a potential threat.

Open and liberal views on life are typical for shooters who grueling philosopher. He wants to impress the audience with his philosophizing and thinking deeply, and is often hard to everyone, especially when it starts to repeat everything he saw and heard to drop smarter. He knows that betrays its promises and too far in everything turned out to hard-working, but also a “victim of the system”.

CAPRICORN has had at achieving the goal, do not stop at nothing. He calculated robot to judge and analyze all around. Do not forget to your advantage. It weighs a pessimist and is able to make every depressed.

AQUARIUS enjoy it to be perceived as an eccentric rebel, but this is only used to conceal a lack of interest in everything around him, and even to the nearest.

FISH are indifferent and do not reflect logical. Members of this sign are not consistent and true to themselves, because they often do not know themselves what they are and what they want. Because of this act unstable and opportunistic.