Deceive YOU IF-TAD: Two zodiac sign which one partner is simply not enough

With them you “worm of doubt” will not give you peace! These two zodiac signs simply can not be faithful.

For them is an essential quality, but quantity! As much as I tried to give you a connection is monotonous, that your sex life is as exciting – they will always look for something that will give them greater satisfaction, if possible.

Therefore, we warn you in time! Be careful when you start relationship with men in Sagittarius or Scorpio, and here’s why:


Sagittarius likes to have a choice of several people you can call at any time! Mostly difficult to bind to one partner. Shooters idealize love and therefore always searching for the perfect connection. To find it, rushing from relationship to relationship, even when they are busy. They tend to simultaneously maintain multiple connections. Characteristic for them is to either marry more than once, or remain bachelors. The connections are very faithless, but when it comes to marriage? Maybe I can be faithful, if they allow after some flirting.


Ladies, if you feel sympathy for the man in Scorpio, but you their irresistible flirting awakened suspicion in connection to be able to be deceived, listen to what your instinct tells – escape in time! Scorpio goes from one extreme to another – or to have too many partners or be completely self-absorbed. The adventurous spirit and a man in this sign aims to try as many different connections and enrich their experience. And you do not want to be just “one of many”, is not it? Therefore, do not let it “fall” to “romance”.