Determine who your gemstone according to month of birth … Smaragd enhances sensuality and sapphire are attracted to the opposite sex

For each month of the year is characteristic of a gemstone. Amethyst those born in February brings calm, emerald enhances sensuality and sapphire are attracted to the opposite sex. Find out what your gemstone is based on the month in which you were born.


Garnet is a gemstone that people used as decoration since the Bronze Age. It is believed to bring good luck to whoever wears it and fills it with love, and wakes up sexual energy. This stone marks the strong spirit, loyalty and positive thoughts. Those who were born in January this stone will bring confidence and success in business.


Amethyst is a symbol of honesty, calmness and is often a sign of talent in music and painting. It is believed that I amethyst protects its bearer from evil eye and spells. He is slightly purple, and in each area brings harmony and peace, so it is recommended to always be in the heart of every home.


Aquamarine is a gemstone that brings courage, peace, health, but also helps in learning. Since ancient times it was believed that all couples should wear the aquamarine rings, because it deepens the love and awakens passion. This stone is particularly associated with sailors who wear it as a talisman, because they believe that it keeps them from drowning. In addition to sailors, used by travelers to protect against evil when traveling.


Diamond is the hardest and most precious gemstone in nature. The wearer, the diamond brings loyalty, love, purity and innocence. Full of energy and encourages us to achieve the objectives. He is the strongest of all mineral and gives great courage and strength to those who wear it. Since ancient times, connecting it with magic and mysticism.


Those who wear the emerald are peace-loving, romantic and caring. I mean the love of stone and if you hold it with you, fill you with love and respect. Your partner you will always lavish tenderness and respect. In addition, it enhances sensuality and arouses sexual energy, and memory, and improves memory.


For this gemstone, many still believe that it has magical powers. Its holder brings honesty, cleanliness, good sense of humor and intelligence. In addition, means openness, kindness and wealth. Biser holder gives his great love.


Rubin represents honesty, friendship and protects from accidents and disease. The strongest red stone and the wearer would lend a lot of energy to perform everyday activities. Not recommended for those who already have enough energy, because in them have the opposite effect. In addition, as in freedom and playful spirit.

AUGUST: Peridot

Peridot is the gemstone that represents joy and great creativity. Will grant its holder above all good health, wealth and happiness. Protects against evil and gives you success in performing tasks. In addition to health, brings love.


Sapphire gemstone blue color to every home to bring peace, wisdom and truth. Will grant its holder force, diligence, but will at the same time and do it very emotional and caring, especially for his family. In the past they believed that the sapphire real love talisman that wearing this stone attract the opposite sex.


Opal is a gemstone that symbolizes optimism and friendship. It is believed that brings beauty and happiness to the wearer. In addition, it gives hope and be optimistic spirit. With opal to release the brakes and try out the new age, and is suitable for moments where you have to decide for a change.


Topaz is a gemstone that denotes loyalty, courage and honesty. Whoever wears it will grant good health, loyalty, and happiness. Nosilocu topaz family will always come first. Topaz stimulates mental strength, courage and bravery, which is especially important in the business world. It is an excellent talisman against the evil eye.


Turquoise is a gemstone that brings happiness, health and peace. Whoever wears it will bring openness, honesty and caring. Enhances mental capacity and improves memory. The house will bring peace and tranquility, and good interpersonal relations. It is often paid at weddings and engagements, because it brings love, wealth and fertility.