Device Fraud and zodiac signs! Do you cheat or are faithful, find out what the stars say! (ASTRO)

VIRGO ON – Although generally held to fidelity to their and their mate, a man Virgo comes into a situation, particularly in the later years, when all around him by surprise: his wife, respect, or someone else posing as trophies, mostly because if you friends after the clap shoulder, secretly envying him. Just because none of it is not expected, he will want to show how it is possible that he is a seducer. The long and the gentleman hiding in a secret relationship which usually engages with a colleague at work, though difficult environment observes that between them have something.

VIRGO ONA – And when she happens to want the forbidden fruit (and going to her more often than you might suppose), Virgo woman you this is not for the life of me not to admit it. Only if it is sure to be well hidden from the public eye and that her good name and position are not questioned, the woman Virgo will not resist the temptation. But not with anyone, nor at any time, but a person of status and persistence are strong enough for its aphrodisiac “popping the rails”, although she will not care about what he will think about it after. If she cheated, forgiving because it does not want to upset and loses the status of the relationship.