DID YOU psychopaths and a potential assassin? FBI reveals that the signs of the zodiac are born WORST!

The FBI has done a breakdown of your records, compared the dates of birth and criminal offenses committed by someone and came to very interesting conclusions – serial killers and psychopaths are born at a certain time of the year.

According to their statistics, it would look like from najbezopasnijih to the most dangerous, 24sata writes:

12. Although all the bad twins talking about people born under the sign of Gemini, it seems that they are the least dangerous of all the characters. On their hands was the least blood. They just do not see anyone so serious that it killed or injured. They may choose the more painful tactic – victims of “slowly kill” his boredom, long and extensive interviews.

11. Capricorn though much of this is not clear, Cancer is the second most innocent sign of the Zodiac. Although it is possible and not so easy to catch the crime as members of other characters, because they are smart and well conceal evidence. However, their justice is a very important issue in life, but they also have a very strong ego that is not easy to destroy.

10. Lav For people born under this sign, we can say that as many dogs that bark but not bite. They can be loud and give the impression that they are very dangerous and actually be happy to stay out of trouble. When people in Leo kill someone, usually do not draw attention to themselves – yet they are known to like to be center of the world.

9. Although Libra people born under this sign left uitisak fair, courteous and patient, they commit more murders of Taurus and the Lions together, which is a bit strange. It seems that patience has its limits, and scales often become violent after a shameless attempt to take advantage of their kindness.

8. Although Virgo act calmly and quietly, members of this sign are according to data FBI average psychopath killer and very neat. However, more prone to fraud and theft, not murder. Theft and fraud will plan to nasitnijih details.

7. Fish Many would be mistaken if they conclude that people born under this sign sweet and mild. Some of the most famous serial killer in the world were precisely Fish, for example, John Wayne Gacy, Richard Ramirez and Elien Vurnos, which kill only men. Also, people born under this sign are prone to addictions.

6. Capricorn This sign has a higher than average number of murderers. A serial killer who executed the most people was just Leo. Although known for their propensity to respect the laws and rules, it seems that people born under this sign pretty angry. They do not kill often, but when it comes to that – go to the end.

5. Aries It’s no secret that the people of this zodiac sign they know that crazy, fast plan. Then their anger and terrible in those moments they can do anything better is to get away from them. When you get off, i’ll calm down even forget why they fell.

4. Taurus When Taurus gets angry his anger was very intense. However, more prone to fraud, not murder. The reason for this is that love luxury and fine things, so if you can not afford to honest work, they will turn to “drugustranu law.”

3. Sagittarius can say that she is among the first three characters bent down crime. But they are not interested in small, individual crimes, but go to the big ones. When you kill, they do it en masse. They like to be called leaders. In this sign are born, for example, Ted Bundy (serial killer, kidnapper, a thief, a necrophiliac …), Pablo Escobar (they called him King of cocaine) and Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.

2. In Scorpio FBI say that most serial killers born in November. Among them, the more shot, and the rest of the Scorpions. People born under this sign are known as a sadistic killer.

1. Cancer In the first place among all the maniacs in the world have found that people born under this sign. They usually are killed because of jealousy. Prone to sudden changes of mood which is the main cause of the problem.