Discover how you can win zodiac sign! Scorpio would rather be alone than in a bad relationship, while the first device to impress the intellect …..

Scorpio would rather be alone than in a bad relationship, while the first device to impress the intellect and then physical appearance …


Rams are usually loyal partners. When looking for love, looking for someone who is like them ready for adventure.

Rado themselves take the initiative and not ashamed to take the first step and know exactly what they want, especially in bed. They are known as conquerors short-lived and do not miss the opportunities offered to them.

Partners must be strong enough to stand against them, but also the patient to easily be able to present all the temperamental outbursts Rams. They agree with the lions and Gemini, while fiery Aries does not correspond to the soft crabs.


For a successful relationship with a Taurus you need to have a lot of patience. They are very romantic, but at the same time love the passionate relationships and adventures. For permanent connection decide only after much thought, but when you finally decide on one person, most are willing to do anything to make this relationship work.

Briefly they can easily win the looks and sweet words that raise ego, but almost sure to conquer the muscles or deep cleavage because their physical appearance is very important. He goes best with Capricorn and Virgo. Violent relationships they have with Aquarius, but it almost never fails.


A typical Gemini rarely meet age with the first partner with whom it has entered into a serious relationship or marriage. Although deep down wants peace and security, people born under this sign have a need to change partners and hard to resist challenges. Adventure short-lived they are not foreign.

Gemini easily make new friends and relationships and are always looking for people who are willing to discuss and who are curious as they are. It is best to agree in love with Libra and Aquarius. Characters that do not suit them are Scorpio and Pisces.


Crabs are both generous and jealous and prone to frequent changes of mood. Today would do anything for the person they love, and tomorrow will be easy to forget. Therefore, it is difficult to meet.

They love adventure and one-night stands, but secretly looking for a sincere partner. Longing for the trust and tenderness at Rakova is more pronounced than the other characters, so it is easiest to impress dinner with candles and romantic music.

Despite adventures, weight constant communication because I do not like loneliness.

The ideal combination is the emotional Scorpio and Pisces, are in good agreement with the bulls, not the Rams.


When the Lions fail to sense victory instinct for impulsive reactions, mainly water harmonious private life and try to make them happy person to what they care about. In Love Lions are gentle, generous and loyal, and often decide to get married after a short, passionate relationship.

They need to win and take the initiative, and they are never like when their potential partner just before. Constantly looking for challenges. Aries and Sagittarius are the ideal Lions, the scales can make a family idyll, while at least agree with Taurus and Scorpio.


Device permanent connection or marriage price more than adventure and superficiality. More important to them is that they partner wins the intellect and spirit, rather than appearance.

Device looking for reliable partners optimistic nature that have a lot of confidence due to the fact that they themselves are not as confident in their own abilities. Prefer to socialize with cultural and educated people, new friends and contacts assembled very carefully and after detailed deliberations.

They agree with the Taurus and Scorpio Gemini while irritating and very bad connection.


Scales are attractive and friendly, but still have a lot of fans and offers. Does not completely close the door to new acquaintances but those who flirt with them you never know with certainty whether they won or not. Prices intrinsic value, but their physical appearance is more important still. Lot in the exterior, fashionable and luxury weight, and demand the same from others. Due to the high expectations difficult to find permanent partners, but as they are flexible, easy to maintain once started connection.

The best combination is with Leo. With them can fulfill the desire of a life full of luxury. Rams are they too rough, and crabs too sensitive.


Life motto Scorpio is all or nothing, hence the rather alone than in a bad relationship. They themselves are very skilled and knowledgeable winners are the secrets of seduction.

They can win a simple gifts and gestures. But Scorpio demanding full attention and commitment of partners. They are jealous and can not stand competition. For fear of showing emotion at one time were cold, and the other passionate. Imply unconditional loyalty and honesty, and infidelity never forget. They correspond to the Crab and Fish. I do not agree with the bulls, and the Lions can achieve only short-term bonds.


Sagittarius trace for a serious relationship and love for adventure. Usually they long to find true love, as partners easily devote time and body, but very hard heart. As the need for freedom in Sagittarius in constant conflict with the love life, a longing for stability easily can be converted to the fear of a serious relationship.

If you want to seduce Sagittarius, you can conquer the proposal for a joint adventure. Best is in love coping with the Rams, Lions and Leo. Can fail in relationships with Virgo.


How old, Capricorns are changing in love. While younger, mostly playful and unencumbered, but so water rich love and sex life at an age when other more and do not think about it.

Marriage Capricorn seems warmer and more reliable person, while males are more oriented towards career and success. Pessimistic view of the world is a difficult trait Jarčeva with which potential partners must fight. They have high expectations of themselves and others, but never completely satisfied. They love ambitious people, and their preferred partners Bulls and Device. Can fail to shooters because they are too big adventure for them.


People born under the sign of Aquarius love everything that is strange and restless, fascinated them controversial person. Love them is an essential part of life, but must have enough freedom in relation to being able to realize all your creative ideas and plans.

All those who are associated with Aquarius need to know that they can not without changes and the occasional surprise and it must give them if they want to stay together. In the bedroom are very inventive and active. Most of them correspond Gemini and Libra, because they leave plenty of space, and the worst strain of the lions.


Fish are quite mysterious and no one can know for sure whether they are really in love or not, but sometimes they are not themselves completely secure in their feelings. In this constantly fantasize about love, but they need a partner who will be a little lower to the ground. However, only after a long time to fully indulge your partner in connection require a lot of tenderness and patience. You can conquer maturity, but do not expect them to make the first step because they are often very shy. The best choice for them as fish. Gemini and Virgin im not before.