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When you exaggerate the outbursts of jealousy, when a surgery of this feeling.


It is quite jealous, far above what might be called normal, which shows how much he cares about partners. Passionate in love, but are equally passionate and his jealous outbursts.


Moderate jealousy marks this character, but I do not like to be like that, because it’s hard. They want a stable relationship that will have no reason to be jealous. However, it is sometimes more of them fall into the category above average jealous. Sami is strong when temptation comes.


Not overly jealous, because you love to flirt and be the center of attention. The reason for jealousy do not consider other people’s views on the partner, as well as its excessive socializing with the opposite sex. However, when jealousy gets you, tend to be boring with questions and comments.


They are very jealous, in the frequency and intensity of the second after the Scorpio, but they are the worst. Demanding related, but also loyal. They tend to drama and exaggeration which makes them even think that they are in a bad relationship, even though it may not be so.


Members of this sign have a problem with a very high dose of jealousy, or to try to hide in every possible way, because they have problems with ego. However, people who know them well, it can not miss. Their jealousy sometimes so does not make sense that he can be witty.


The dose of jealousy in Virgo is below average because they are very loyal, but assume that such a partner. However, when something suspect, unobtrusively will pay attention to the details of the partner’s behavior and combine them as a puzzle.


After the amount of jealous outbursts, in relation to the other characters, Scales are right in the middle. Not too much, not too little. And in this aspect of life are undecided. As if in some situations can not decide – or not to be jealous?


Jealously zodiac sign is Scorpio, a reason to suspect seen in quite everything. Members of this sign, even though they know they exude a strong sex appeal, and smetaće if such a partner. The happiest are related to someone who is ready to be fully consecrated.


Jealousy’s rarely caught, because you have a problem with fidelity partner. In addition, they are very active and social, but do not have time or inclination to bother with it. For them, the perfect stable connection which may occasionally wander into flirtation and do not correspond to it.


A little jealousy there, but far below the average. Members of this sign down to earth, aspire to stable relationships and tend to believe, like the Virgin, it is understood that the partner religion, because they are.


This is the least jealous of zodiac sign. So many rarely catch them jealous that partners know that they wonder if they care about them more generally. They like everything is straight. Insecure in yourself and know that stray into extramarital adventures.


Members of this sign are quite jealous, more than a Taurus or Libra, or less than Scorpio, Aries, Cancer and Leo. They tend to long and stable relationships i hate when something disrupts this concept. Are sincere, but partners say anything during jealous rages.