DO dare to read it? These are by far the biggest crooks HOROSKOPA

Aquarians are all mixed, while Scorpio psychopaths and sex maniacs …

Sick posesivci that partner took complete freedom, and allowed themselves harem mistress. Mostly stuck to its impregnable fortress and do not know the loss while not completely destroyed psychologically. Very erratic in the brain, jump on anything and everything and it must be right, I do not know the tactic, and sick they hold. When they see that you have the right not you admit your mistakes do not recognize.

They do not believe in horoscopes. They have no tenderness, selfish and attack, do not use your brain, do not have emotional intelligence, not left nor the accompanying partners. They end up with a madman in life because their choice of partners terrible and after the obligatory surprised when the dragon or left. All in all, they need a lot of time to understand things, if that ever happens.

Complacent, quiet, boring … Their biggest problem is they do not have psychological problems. Everything is great and do not bother with their problems because they do not have them.

They need to create a problem to make their lives more interesting. Their peace is perfect until it turns into a manic madness, when you throw them out of line, then their horns, knives and everything is at hand disfigured faces are going to treat you like the matador who wears red. Then bury yourself or prepare an ax, will not give in no apologies.

The main gossip and gossip, traitors and turncoats double standards that change every 10-15 minutes. They say that Judas was a twin. People with masks and one hundred persons. Eternal actors, daffodils superficial view of life. They do not believe in horoscopes. If you draw a line below, you will see that you have for him very low on the priority list. There will always have to do something and be with someone before you. Simply, their stories never drink water. The truth is that you are deceiving. Extra downside is that it comes to multiple people at once.

The good side is that I treat them the same as you. You’re dealing with a person who can not be achieved and provide the quality, so we can quantify. But that does not give anything, does not mean that you are not expected to provide any. However, they are just cheap, selfish, you know the words, and words are the only currency they have and which they want to take from you everything you have. If you have excess time that you want to throw out the window, rest the brain shallow things without perspective or find some that will make any woman or man, please.

Possessive person, insults if they ‘good morning’ wish not in proper intonation, mood change how they think of and with the emotional need to oppress someone they’re so important to the side doodle. If they accuse you of lying in trouble, I’ll cry and to lament for years. Cancer is changing its personality from one extreme to another.

One day turns into your worst enemy and sadistic, while the next one again, “old”, with mild amnesia. If you want to have a time bomb next to you that you regularly blows up in your face every few days, go ahead. Just join a hunting club because you will need when rifle – a tad.

Arrogant, arrogant and pushy podcenjivači. Lions truly believe that their all well and good. That their entry into the room monitor and reflectors that each room is always at least one person who loves them. The truth is that it was always exactly one person. Herself. So, in order to be with Leo you have to learn to love his legs; to agree with everything he says; to worship without cause.

Obsessive – compulsive neurotics who stress release clearing house, agreeing goods and Chinese porcelain. Overkill prissy which is not too much is not enough. One does not know love, no emotions are with them comes down to sex. If the sign of a prostitute to this. Continual analysis justifying your mind will lead to paralysis. Only the robot can be more collected and colder than the Virgin. With the Virgin are sure of one thing, when you – then you will stab you in the back. It will be thoughtfully analyzed and confirmed as the best option for her. So good you will not even pretend to suggest that the days or months to calculate whether the time has come to eliminate you. And only when it was absolutely certain, the discovery of his treachery. How such a talent for meanness and insensitivity? Narcissists who only care about their appearance with the pursuit of perfection, as they call it nice.

This is actually swim in your own shit in which the knee. Virgo’s no passion, embrace, tenderness, warmth, all the tears that leaves are there because lapped himself. If it was not, and her neurotic anxiety and haste in it (the watch ticking while she was so far from its goal of perfection) due to break and losing his rationality, they might think that you’re dealing with an android. But do these moments of her losing control to confuse with emotions. It’s just a reflex, jumping lid on the pot, which should relieve pressure as the water sculptures. Just physics. It is true to itself and to exclude all other people.

Narcissistic schizophrenics, mirror their best friend, totally unstable, they need a week to decide whether and what to order, they are so lazy that it’s a wonder how even get out of bed. Soulless, heartless, without blood. They know love only if you have financial or positioning highlight. The word friend is not there, as long as they are open, you will not get anywhere near the same as they only listen carefully to you and your cards do not work. I prefer them 1,000 beautiful lie, but a painful truth, and therefore are the most successful at lying even yourself.

Samosažaljevajući autodestruktivci that your being can not stand alone, but must withdraw another 100 people behind. That tomorrow is the end of the world, they would not be shocked, probably would welcome participating in a sado-masochistic orgy. Death im not a big deal, but fell to the blood and all that ordinary mortals causes dam. Follow them feature jealously possessive psychopath. No sex is sick mentally and imagine that they are preparing a conspiracy. You’re crazy if you decided Scorpio to say that he was lying. Details of your tragedy is not recommended to describe with a stunning series of brutal scenes. If by some miracle you’re dealing with a good Scorpio (there’s that?), You will offer sexual services.

Scorpio emotionally immature, rude, vile, vindictive and corrupt and do not stop at nothing. You know how it behaves a little kid when he kidnaps its favorite toy. It may even be angry, angry, crying, biting, at that point you with her whole being hates my guts. That is bigger and stronger, with that emotional state can not control, would leap at you and you bite through the throat.

Such impulse control Scorpio throughout their lives, the only thing they learn with age to disguise their true motives and reasons. Regardless of age, maturity and a half, when deep scratch beneath the surface, which mainly operates intelligent, dangerous or cunning, coming up emotionally immature person on the 5-year-old child. But do not ignore the resentment of the child. What you will not forget, the right plans, back to you when I do not even remember the reason. Will stop the destruction of their own to achieve your goal. Whatever the reason for them is the most important thing in the world. Scorpio you have to always be the only one to love her forever and never even think about hanging on any others.

Profligate and gamblers to enjoy preaching, and their enthusiasm is such that it is quite possible to revive the dead – of course, only if they do so. Terrified to admit that they know the feeling of sadness. Do not enter into marriage with the Shooters no coincidence because when he was convinced that he loves you, it will pass in a month. Only if you are not rich enough to keep it or have a status that gives it greater force. They are worth it to catch a lie because extricate myself from such wonders justification for it to become an incredibly fun experience. Shooters do not know they are lying. Is it sounds neat and nice? If you catch nostalgia. Do not kid yourself, a halo of innocence is the most powerful defense Sagittarius.

It is sad to watch her go through life. Stubbornly refuses to understand that her value system totally naive and inappropriate and that always get in trouble. You’d wondered what her business, which is making its way forward? Savvy right. He does not own perseverance and discipline, a transactions processing, this is the worst. There’s just no sense of tangible value, or has or is sick, many die in poverty. The harsh truth is that the only thing that is making its way forward is hoping the luck factor. Some can and know, and others like them, the only thing you can do is hope in luck. This philosophical moralists laprdavost declaring a bunch of nonsense that have nothing to do with life and intelligence knows that the man turned womb.

They believe in destiny to the letter, the word ‘sorry’ does not exist in their vocabulary. You live next to them all my life, to be married, but you never know what you have to say. Feelings do not know how to express it in words, but instead of that love you, often waiting for some offenses. You’d sell a butt for social status. He’s a coward, he flees headlong as the risk becomes higher. Running away and leaving in the lurch is something that works and work life. If you manage to catch him to take revenge, do not expect to see the suffering of satisfaction on his face as he tread.

Because here’s the other key things about him: He was frigid. Emotionally illiterate. Unable to show his emotions, let alone that it receives or provides. When drawing a line on is too slow, dark and poor to be with her felt true joy and pleasure of life. Stay away from inferiority complexes and frigid cowards. You realize that dominates someone who does not use, it can not and does not provide anything. But … There is an exception if you find a goat whose embrace of warm and strong, whose tears of sadness and joy regular occurrence on her face, grab it and do not let go because you find pure gold.

Unruly freelancers who through life 500 times lose yourself. They would be friends to everyone, in the end fail anyone, but exceed those of most of them do and to forget. Eternal dig into the private lives of others. Probably you do not surprising that, according to statistics, most spies is just the sign of Aquarius. They will do anything for a friend at one point, but it will all count. Their lies are prone to plant other, shortest life, because life without responsibility brings an early death.

He lied to? No way! What is a lie? That does not exist. It’s an illusion. There are just different views of the same thing.

You must have an open mind and understanding towards what is different from us. They do not believe in horoscopes. The essence of Aquarius is that it does not care about you, what you say or think about it. The reason is with you at all is that you considered a freak and that’s enough to rank high in their eyes, as it considers himself misunderstood, special, extra worthwhile. In essence, the poor person facing itself and the trip with a bad head. There’s nothing to give except the value system in which there is no future for themselves.

Samosažaljevajuci Creepers, waiting for someone to come and comfort them, so they can not take a piss without help, and the smallest details are seen as the ultimate sensation while bothering people around. During the break, when they are in a good mood, deal with other people’s problems, but again fall into depression – and so forth. Fish do not lie. It is not possible, their religion does not allow it. Regularly go to church and ask for forgiveness. After all, they accidentally do so most high they would never have forgiven me, they would have them instantly burned by lightning.