Do not be angry with them, blame the stars: MANE ALL MEN TO SIGN

Men sometimes make very strange steps, and to make them a better understanding will help us, dear!

Members of this sign are very explosive because of the insane jealousy. With Aries love awaits you in a lot of trouble. They prefer to look for a reason to argue and where it does not usually his possessiveness and impulsive scenes in front of others. The real masters of passive aggression, so if you can not get it at will, expect you many times and in the worst possible way to rub it in.

This sign partner ignoring troubling. As with the Ram, Bull in love usually interferes with jealousy. Partners can torture and pretending that everything is fine. At the end of each debate, strife will end if recognized Taurus that’s right, because he’s always the smartest.

The twins are never satisfied. Tricky members of this sign in relation to the most focused on themselves, but on the other hand are expected to constantly bother about them. Deliberately to provoke jealousy, because they like when someone plays around them. Harsh words and insults them, not parties.


Crabs are very easy to insult, and rarely forgive. Worst thing about cancers that may be offended at almost everything they say. They’re obsessed with the opinion of the environment, and in anger become callous and vindictive, and are willing to forever hate the one who has really hurt them.

Lions will always find an excuse for yourself. Members of this sign nanjušiće weaknesses of your partner every time you feel threatened, diverter guilt to make themselves out better. They become terribly annoying if they are not given the attention they believe they deserve.

Device expectations it is impossible to meet. They are always ready to criticize, and the worst, according to romantic partners. How are perfectionists in love, everything has to be the way they were intended, and if not, it will be in a bad mood. Tend checking partner, and are often possessive.

Scales always knows everything better than you. With them man can hardly know where it is, because of small things can change the attitude and mood. They have a set of rules to their chosen one should behave and even dress. They find that partner should listen to them at all, so I take the position smart and advisers.

Members of this sign are not steadfast in love. They are prone to flirting and affairs. Prone to manipulation and lies to reach his goal. If they step on their toes, they’ll attack your self-confidence. If you embarrass them in front of society, it will be difficult to forgive you.

Sagittarius is always himself in the first place. While the swear eternal love and commitment, members of this sign will constantly watch what suits them and how to turn the situation to their advantage. If you make a mistake, expect that you will be clever, but by no means do not try the same in the reverse situation, because the Taurus to experience as the deepest emotional insult.

This sign going crazy partner to its expectations. Like a Virgin, Capricorns have high expectations of a partner, and that she will at all times make clear. I can not think one thing and say something quite different, and act so you do not get it. They are capable of very good to hide feelings and insist that the problem was never in them.

Aquarius does not know what it means to be a committed partner. Members of this sign are so proud of their individuality to them with no one feels fully loved. They love to spite, but that mummers to reach your goal. If you are injured, it will never admit it, but will return to you double.

Fish your fears hidden charges. Aware of their selflessness in love, which is the fear that they will not retaliate in kind. We constantly test their mate’s love, a jealous without any reason. However, it will rarely admit a very convincing will impose a sense of guilt.