DO NOT CONTACT! This sign is prone to fraud, loves only himself and other people constantly asking WORSHIP!

They do not like a serious relationship, but it’s …


They do not like to feel tied and it will subside if they feel they’re being suffocated. Due to the fact that their time was extremely important, can avoid tying for fear it will make a wrong decision because you will lose valuable time.

Prone to flirting and fraud, because they constantly need to prove and worship other people rose to their ego.

Concerning want only the best, because that is what you yourself nude. In a fit of rage after the house will be flying things, but after these theatrical performances apologize and clean up the mess – as if nothing had happened.

They love when they are the center of attention and often valued too superficial things. Very often it does not delve too much and therefore it may be that the wrong assessment of someone or some situaciju.Ovo is probably also the biggest drawback of twins. Sometimes you will have to spend hours in order to force them to change their minds because they can make a wrong conclusion for a very short time.

Their mood may change how the wind blows constantly reviewed its decision, provided that the general managed to make it. Constantly reviewed and may be large prissy. Because of these qualities twins are prone to anxiety.