Do not even think LOVE WITH THEM: These zodiac signs can never be related!

You met a guy and it seems that he is a man of your dreams? Maybe it’s time to check what his zodiac sign. The stars say that some zodiac signs can disagree in love. Find out which characters are komptabilni but imajute in mind that these are only astrological assumptions.

RAM – The worst agrees with cancer and Capricorn

Aries is extrovert character, very energetic, and how it determines the element of fire to which it belongs, is a fiery personality. Therefore it is not surprising that at least agrees with the conservative and more introvert signs of cancer and Capricorn.

BIK – worst agrees with Leo and Aquarius

Taurus is a traditional and stands firmly on the ground (earth belongs to the group of characters) while Leo and Aquarius extremely open-minded people who, unlike the Bull, conformity, order and rules of life do not mean too much.

GEMINI – The worst agree with Virgo and Pisces

Gemini is mercurial character who loves change and excitement while virgin and fish complete opposite – they love order, security and peaceful life. However, twins can attract acumen virgins and dreamy nature of fish, but in the long run this combination rarely works.

RAK – worst agrees with Aries and Libra

Taurus seeks stability, and the connection with Aries or Libra will often be unstable. Aries is temperamental and like an unstoppable force, a Libra often seeks diversity in connection with these signs of cancer, which are important convenience and stability, will not feel comfortable.

LAV – The worst agrees with Taurus and Scorpio

Leo and Taurus disagree because they are both very stubborn and are used to getting what they want. Scorpio in turn has a very strong willpower therefore also clashes with Leo – these two characters do not match each other because they are just too similar.

VIRGO – The worst agrees with Gemini and Sagittarius

In connection with the Gemini Virgo often feel frustrated. Twin typically think in general, while the Virgin is more interested in specific details. The same applies to the combination of the shooters.

LIBRA – The worst agrees with cancer and Capricorn

Very social Vagi not responsible commitment Raka routine and home life. Persistent Capricorn they may be too hard to do Libra happy and stable.

SCORPIO – The worst agrees with Leo and Aquarius

Leo Scorpio would initially have to be done as a soul mate because they are both very strong characters, but precisely because they both have a strong self-will work hard together. The Aquarius has a common stubbornness which is also the reason for disagreement.

SCORER – worst agrees with Virgo and Pisces

Sagittarius will find some common ground with Virgo and Pisces, especially dreamy Pisces whose nature corresponds shooter’s idealistic nature, but when everything is added up do not make a good couple. While Sagittarius access to all enthusiastic and likes to trial now, Pisces is often reluctant and therefore these two characters most conflict.

CAPRICORN – The worst agrees with Aries and Libra

Capricorn likes to do everything calmly and deliberately, while Aries impulsive and make decisions quickly, without a lot of forethought. Over the scales will turn goat hard to be able to have control.

AQUARIUS – The worst agrees with Taurus and Scorpio

Open-minded Aquarius frustriraće Bulls rigid attitudes. I Capricorn and Scorpio always have a strong opinion about everything, and both characters always want to be right.

FISH – Worst agree with Gemini and Sagittarius

Pisces is difficult to understand the train of thought of Gemini because they often rely on nonverbal cues, while Gemini likes to say much. Shooter’s enthusiasm, energy and the need to constantly doing something and trying out izbezumiće peaceful fish.