Do you keep up with the times? Some zodiac signs follow trends …..

Some zodiac signs follow the trends, keep up with the times try to be always up to date. Are you among them or you are from those who trampled the weather?


Gladly accept all the changes and love what is new and what allows you to run in a new area of ​​life. TV, Plasma, tablet, Skype, cell phone, voice mail, laptop, ipod, iPhone, are all devices that you simply adore. But when one of them breaks down or hangs you do not have too much patience to chase masters, much less to try to fix them yourself. Prefer to buy a new, better and more modern, because you are terrified of any hold.


You do not a fan of change. On the contrary, my whole life to be able to sit next to the same TV for years and that a call from the same mobile phone, especially if it is an interesting model of design that you and dear to the heart. If you spoil your old landline phone, you can easily find the master to bring him back to life, and if it does not keep it as a decoration in the apartment. How much time do you spend at home, the TV is your favorite home entertainment.


Veerovatno sleep on a mobile phone under the pillow or next, how something does not happen to miss. On your desk there is a computer and a phone in your pocket or purse at least two mobile phones which are often advertised ‘beeps’ reminder for an appointment or other obligation, as well as messages that are coming in. The one who is near you very soon gets the desire to get himself into some tehničkuspravicu to him and paid more attention.


Most of the representatives of your characters do not a slave to modern means of communication and their use reduced to a reasonable, but in your case it means – to a minimum. TV serves you to get informed about events in the country and the world and to eventually look into a romantic comedy, and free time is spent in nature with your family or with someone you love, and in whose company you enjoy. When you love, you love romantic night conversations with quiet and gentle music.


You like newspapers and effectively you handle these small wonders of technology, because of your image and efficiency in the business you want to be the best in everything. How would it be if you do not keep up to date with the latest technological developments? While sitting with friends, coming to you an important email that you must promptly odogovirite, which of course you could not without your new iPhones. In addition to the machine for squeezing fruit, home appliances you are not too interested because you spend more time outdoors than indoors.


Representatives of your characters are influenced by Mercury, planet of communication and information, and you believe that your work and contribution to the work would not have been significant enough without using it as contemporary and sophisticated devices for various devices and appliances. At work, you are correct and accurate, important and you value and accuracy of information, ztbog which all newspapers with you always welcome. But when you get home, you forget everything and you do not like a slave means of communication.


Gladly accept newspapers, a modern means of communication can only help facilitate and beautify life. You like that on camera or camera capture all the beautiful scenes, places, nature and various events that you enjoy. If you are a lady, you would probably like to fight your mobile teledona, if not already, is a gentle, pastel, for example, light pink. And, if you’re a gentleman, you enjoy to communicate via tablet or mini computer in your car, while you your charming partner amazed looks from the seat next to you.


Enthuses unusual devices or gadgets that are used for spying on the other, various small microphone that can be used for eavesdropping … Curious about the latest models of camera for underwater shooting mysterious marine world, a mobile phone is your constant companion. When you’re in the house you do not like to answer phone calls, leave it to the answering machine, and in the dark room listening to when you called and are considering whether to respond or not.


Although you can not without a mobile phone, you’re always delighted when you find and thanks to him. The one where you need to find you before on a sports field or panel, or travel anywhere except at home. You do not like to stay a long time in one place, so the modern means of communication made for you, and there is your trusty companion, the camera or cameras. If anyone needs to contact or download an important message, send SMS or e-mail, because you like to leave a paper trail.


While under the influence of Saturn slow to accept change, that part of you that is managed by your other ruler Uranus, enough to cope with all the ‘miracles’ of new technologies. Most use e-mail that allows you to easily and quickly correspondence. Leisure prefer to spend at home with the TV, and probably still have some stri video recorder. While enjoying the crackling sound of romantic songs from old gramophones, music and movies ‘downloading’ and from the Internet.


Kmunikacija the essence of your life, because it provides endless opportunities for socializing, friends and meetings with interesting people. No phones and latest achievements of modern technology, the life you probably would not be so interesting. In nature, where else do you spend most of your free time, you like to listen to good music and hang out with friends. Of course, all the interesting moments captures camera or a camera of which do not separate, especially when traveling.


Modern means of communication today and various technical devices in general you are not foreign, but they accept slow, dosed, and this is primarily what you love and what you enjoy fully.

For example, previous to you a clear sound of music that extends from a powerful sound, beautiful images of the sea and the underwater world you’ve made on holiday and watch them on your laptop. In addition to the phone, you need a Skype and the mysterious nocturnal conversations that can last indefinitely.