Do you LOVE written in the stars? Astrologers reveal who will 2021 be in seventh heaven!

Astrologers say that love is in the air, and in the stars, for many this year. Make sure you are among them!


No one is infallible, and love affairs are never simple. Yet with Jupiter in Libra until the beginning of autumn, you will wonder how it is possible that you are not married. In the meantime, you are not focused on one person. Period before Valentine’s Day can be further or fully give you complicated love life. Understand that they are laughing and giggling cool. After that, the Sun enters Aries, you are brilliant new moon on March 26, and the events in the period between the 7th and 11th of April will create moments of spontaneity and responsibility, so before you some lies and numerous challenges. All will become clear in August. Finally, 5. October is a very important day for you, you will admire the reasons, but the most desirable prize waiting for you.


This is the year to meet all of your physical and emotional desires. In the meantime, there is no room for sentimentality, at least until no fantasy, and you resist the temptation to enter the plane. Stay connected, you are in a chaotic period, and even disassemble you will fall hard. At the end of the year mogućevenčanje. Everything that happens on 6, 9 and 20 September will prove to you that love is the most important. When Jupiter enters Scorpio in October, the first time in 12 years, you will realize what kind of relationship you have always wanted.


Your eternal youthful appearance and view of the world and spread the understanding of sexuality and love. Regularly flirting during 2017 can grow in lust. Whether you are alone or in a relationship or married, with Jupiter in Libra should reach the perfect partner. Different schedules, obligations, and even the time zone you are not a nuisance. In the period from 7 to 14 February will experience emotional reunion, but you still have other options. The existing connection has its moments – a combination of ecstasy and agony, especially in the period for your birthday. Stay low for 3, 4, 9, 15 and 18 June, and in late September. You will have more ups than downs, and when Saturn comes out in December Sagittarius awaits you relief.


You are a very compassionate person. It should not be difficult to restore links – past and present, even when there has been a greater harm. No matter your age or circumstances, the full moon in Cancer on January 12 marks the end of hard times. The ice is melting and you can restore the beloved Soob. Although perhaps in early March run in the opposite direction, your heart will be in the right place. The period from June 24 to July 9, will require you to achieve compromise and to fulfill their promises. Good news – Jupiter enters Scorpio on October 5, which means that you will finally find the altar of love.


Maybe you’re tired of searching for true love, but you need to drop your guard. While it is too painful scars, it will not be much more difficult. Full Moon in Leo on February 11 will be the catalyst. The most magical moments of romantic encounters will be in April, but it is not known whether it will last. Until August, because you 7, 10 and 21 days of the month to realize that there is no need to go through life alone. Once Saturn leaves Sagittarius before the end of the year, all your personal will turn full circle.


It does not matter whether your emotional turmoil going on inside or outside, check dams explode – which will certainly happen in the first 10 days of January – and life will be good again. Wild compound sexual chemistry will most surprise, culminating on March 12, when the full moon is in Virgo. Such relationships exist and it is possible that you will fall in love quickly and fiercely. Much depends on whether you are willing to risk in mid-May. In early July, you may come together too, but to birthday you will realize that your relationship is not only more fun.


You feel rejected and can not expect to be so quick to fall in love again. Sensational connection between the Sun and Jupiter in Libra on February 11 will bring you much more than the seemingly romantic trip. Does not rule out even the possibility of marriage this year. It is possible that you will return to a former partner in mid-April, although this is not the final one you were hoping for. However, much more is waiting for you from 3 to 9 June. There is no escape and the journey is part of the deal. From early October will be in seventh heaven.


Relations in the past isplivaće to the surface at the beginning of the year. If you are alone, do not worry, it will not last. Regardless of your status, the pursuit of happiness is not in vain, especially when the sun enters the Rube on 18 February. Magic days are 2, 6 and 9 March. As usual, there’s a reason why your feelings hidden. Do not allow yourself to destroy romance. The truth will come out around the 10th of May. The new season begins this summer and would love to be in the fast lane, but it was all pale in comparison to what awaits you in the fall. When Jupiter enters Scorpio you will be completely changed.


You will begin to advance on a personal level and at a deeper level than before. Actual connection we feel with others become visible. In the period from the 6th to the 11th of February in particular. Tides in your relationships, and oceans of emotion, it will be even more pronounced at the beginning of April. Breakup seems inevitable, but it is not a big loss. What you’ve already invested in a relationship urodiće fruit around the 11th of June. Saturn, which remains in Sagittarius until December, has a strong impact on your emotion. Whatever happens in 2017 will not complain.


As far as love, for you this will be a spectacular year. Period of complete depression and destructive ends around the 12th of January, and then you can re-fall in love crazy and hard. Circle your calendar on 20 and 26 April and on 9 and 10 May – and do not be surprised if a lot of things happen. Full Moon in Capricorn on July 9 and July 15. The development will prove to you that you and your partner, and how compatible. The rest is history. Meanwhile, in the fall you will meet someone who will become your loving friend. Finally, after more than 30 years, Saturn enters Capricorn on December 20 and this is the time when you will all his ego to surrender a person.


In the field of love is waiting for you a magical and mystical love. After a series of heartbreaking disappointments, the Sun enters your sign on January 20 and is associated with Uranus, Jupiter and Saturn, 9, 11 and 14 February, respectively, it will be impossible to be unhappy. Real temptation awaits in August – 7 and 10, to be precise. Distance relationship you have maintained last year has a chance to succeed, and this is one of those things that are truly rare.


Without exaggeration, this is quite possibly the happiest years of your life. There is no reason to feel unloved or abandoned, even in this turbulent period, as will a full moon on January 12 to boost appetite. The real revolution in your personal relationships occurs in the period from 26 February to 12 March. If you ignore the sins and shortcomings of others, you will feel ever more vivid. The same applies to the period from 24 June to 9 July, when you have the opportunity to cement something that is essentially a good connection. Please note 6. of September. If you feel that your feelings are not reciprocated, continue. Jupiter in Scorpio will warm the winter and return your brilliance.