Does the mother to make birth chart for your children? Natal chart of the baby, YES or NO

One of the questions new mothers eat and whether to schedule a Caesarean section or to determine the dates of certain aspects of the good or the planetary position which is considered to be good. Also we are interesting testimonies of mothers say that their child should be born two days or a few weeks earlier or later, but there were born that very day he was born. Or rodlio with seven months, for example. Let’s say it was not supposed to be born then, but for two months … Here’s how it works astrology.

The moment when the baby breathed the first breath on arrival in the world is only valid moment of the beginning of life on the planet and for that moment that is. Time is a real life natal chart, which is valid from the first breath to the last exhalation. This means that one moment and it can be no other when each soul chose to be born, with the position of the planets and the given aspects. In earlier teksotvima I wrote about the connection between astrological laws of quantum mechanics and physics – but what here I want to emphasize is the law that says that when the moment make a choice from thousands of potential opportunities – from that point on our path going that direction, and all the other possibilities disappear. So, when we RÖDL at any given moment there is no other natal chart for us except this. We are already born, and nothing else matters. When we are born but at some point we have our own development and he goes through it is written in the birth chart.

The natal chart of the baby, YES or NO

Does the mother to make birth chart for your children? First of all, the period from the birth of the baby until the child’s fourth year of the government of the planet and the moon of the planet and its setting depends on the life period. This means that if you say the moon in the male sign in Aries, for example, in the birth chart of girls, they may be more militaristic, prefer to eat meat, play the ball more than dolls and so on. But how is this planet which describes our most emotional parts, a sense of closeness to others, empathy or mother (because it is the closest planet to us, but its impact on us and most especially for women who are related to the cycle with him) to also means that the child then depends on the mother, that is. that the period up to the age of the child is very connected with the life of the mother, and therefore its forecasts. This in turn means that the mother, when she wants to do, dear baby, ie. natal chart, after which I will explain, the mother should know their prognosis and to be familiar with their life period in which it is. From a mother depends on the life and future of the child during this period. If the mother, for example. received a business offer to travel and changing city in the first year of a child’s life, of course it will affect the future life of the child. What I am saying is that babies are very connected to her mother at an early age or after, and comparative horoscope or A comparison of mother and child is especially important to look at. Baby buys energy through the mother’s touch, food, emotions that the mother experiences during the first four years of his life, which certainly affect the baby very much. Not just a bit (actually the least important) that the child is bathed and that has all the benefits in terms of good crib etc. but to the mother happy and satisfied. If she does not care for her child. Yes it is well kept and the food has a good vibe. Yes it is gentle to the baby because the husband is kind to her. It is a happy addition to your partner. Etc. Getting back to the birth chart and why it is good to make the baby or child.

The inherent gives birth chart and your life, dear. In that circle the planet are carrying all our resources and all our mistakes and challenges. Possible problems, failures, diseases. Our ability to love and disappointment emotions. Our business predisposition, or physical capabilities and limitations. Etc. But, we have defined the planet that rules the specific-area (such as Venus rules the areas of love, relationships, emotions and satisfaction compared with one person) to its setting in the natal chart, and its aspects, ie. relations with other planets. So, for all of us is the planet Venus synonym for love – or if it is in someone natal placed in Libra example. not the same as it was placed under the sign of Scorpio. This means that the energy of a character very much afraid of this planet. Also, the planets may have one aspect with a second map in the birth and can have five aspects (as well), and this will e.g. Venus. that has multiple relation with other planets to provide more or emotional partner activity than that of someone where there is no or aspects has only one aspect. Therefore, it is important to know as soon as possible and find out a map for our children. We will have the bigger picture in the consciousness of all the possibilities that are rapsologanju regarding children’s abilities and limitations, which sport the child engaged, which are intellectual interests which the region or area of ​​life where we as parents can and must move forward rapidly because im here goes weight, etc.. This means that in advance can not be detained or avoid primarily energy consumption and child and us into something that will be short-lived in their life, but also financially, and that we do not spend your time in things that are not child be benefits. What is most important is that mothers are not burdened by excessive worry or fear for the children. We select our lives before we came to earth, we chose our parents-not they us. And finally, to answer the question – is it possible to install the best time of birth for the baby – I will answer the question – do you think that you had installed, and if you’ve scheduled it when you think it’s good? Or mnogojača force – the force of the universe wanted you to believe that you have to ZAKAZ or installed. What you are not supposed to happen does not happen to be a little our minds or our ego thinks we can influence the most glorious moment of our life – the moment when we breathed the breath of the planet Earth!