DREAM by magic: Create your own magic pillow-connecting with the energy

This charming house item will bring you good dreams, nightmares odagnaće will help you to turn a dream into reality, and you get what you your heart’s desires.

People have always lived in harmony with nature because they needed her energy to primarily preserve health, but also for performing magical rites. In nature, all the vessels of energy and certain rituals can help you attract in life what you want. How is sleep is necessary for the regeneration of the body, make a magic pillow that will allow you to put everything in life gets better.

Connecting with energies
Magical pillows are made according to destination, filled with flowers and plants at exactly the right magic recipe, carefully following the cycles of the moon. Moreover, these pillows can help improve sleep, eliminate insomnia and nightmares. It is important to make pillows yourself because in this way it impresses your energy. This is not an ordinary object, but a magical, because you’re over it connected with the energy of heaven and earth, the stars, the planets, the gods and angels.

How to make
Pillows are made during a new or full moon. Before you start making pillowcases, Okada space incense to purify the energy in it …