DRUGARSTVO to the grave! Members of the three zodiac sign are the best friends in the world

They were always good to have with you!

Some signs of the zodiac are valid with sincere and reliable friends … the other is better avoided in a wide circle.

However, of all the zodiac signs, members of these three is for the best friends in the world!


Taurus is the most reliable sign of the Zodiac, and as such is a friend to the grave. If you appreciate the generosity, loyalty and protective instinct “caring mother”, the members of this sign are real friends to you! Taurus will never leave you in trouble and may try to help you even if you refuse this assistance.

Goes well with all the signs of the zodiac, but most of the fish and the lions.


Lions are social and range among a large number of people. However, some friends with some of them and give it all! If you can get close to Leo know that he’ll remain friends forever and it will never leave you in the lurch. Lions assembled a small number of friends, but i rarely interrupted, so CEoM appreciated. Best match the Rams, scorpions and of course with other Lions.


Gentle and empathic Fish are among the “friends to cry.” If you need comfort, contact them because you will always find their shoulder comfort and a warm word. Pisces are compassionate friends and will often omit if some of your work or the word of injury. I agree with all but the strongest will establish a friendship with the bulls.