DRUNKEN SIGN: In an exceptional way, there was a sudden braking

As the sign of the zodiac his liquor? Why are Pisces favorite at parties, and the Rams are fleeing?


These are tough guys (but not girls not far behind), so this sign befits such kinds of drinks. Rams are sports-oriented, so do not fall into potential addicts, but if you decide to drink show their capacity. If the API with him, avoid political issues and extensive discussions. Look to patronize him, because you would not like to be looked bloodshot eyes.


This sign is a great enjoyer of good wine. He has impeccable taste and many members of this sign are excellent sommeliers. They will drink only precious beverage. Taurus does not drink a lot of tonnage, but enjoying every sip all your senses. When it becomes mildly tipsy activated his erotic drives.


The twins know how to be excessive in anything, even a drink. They njapre doing that language entangles, and not his gait is not very stable. He can bore you to some unrelated stories which will not even remember the next day. He will not have that feeling of regret if you do something inappropriate, which goes hand in hand with a hangover, and often greets morning at the police station.


“Hik, I’m sorry to persistently stomping.” Crabs do not know how to drink therefrom, and often under the influence of alcohol and nostalgia overwhelms set. In these situations, they would phone should be prohibited by law. They will not hesitate to send SMS ex-partner, and if this fails to respond, followed by an ocean of tears and regret over the bloody fate.
After that, they will not see for some time, until all is forgotten.


Here we go! The pub / club main star is just Leo. “Under the gas” became the most vocal tenor who overpowers the music. He mixed drinks and cocktails and God forbid that someone challenges on the line. They will not hesitate to snatch the microphone and even if there is no gift to sing with a loud voice. And the day after will be proud and convinced that he has left a great impression.


Ah, this way Virgo! If you manage to convince her to drink at least one cup, it will already catch and she will say to yourself: Stop! Although … Legend has it that once a Virgo allowed herself a little bit more and played the worldly vice. Burst all the slings and discipline, shifted the boundaries and the environment was fascinated by his sense of humor. She had the audience who will never forget.


This character has a good capacity to absorb all alcoholic beverages. If you make it a goal, Sagittarius will be hard to get drunk. He leads the rule not to drink on an empty stomach. Otherwise, very cheerful mood and spirit when they surged alcohol veins.


If you can get her to drink, Capricorn will do “spoon”. They are typical teetotaler and certainly rare beneficiaries of any type of wedding. But if you drink more, you will not notice, his composure was always present.

From abstinence to severe pijanstava oscillates life of Aquarius. Nightlife and full freedom of their purpose of existence. For the cup, if the particular mood, can reach and in the embodiment of the solo. Aquarius is sufficient in itself to create a fun and does not lack inspiration. Can pijanstava given to chain-binding, but will not bother or create conflicts with “accomplice” in the drink.


Fish are prone to alcoholism. I have no doubt that the Russians are famous by YouTube with just members of this sign. Fish tend and mixing alcohol with some other means. This should set limits, otherwise marriages them completely overwhelmed.