Each character VARA OTHERWISE: Horoscope helps to find out if your partner is seeing someone!

Maybe he thinks it’s clever enough to hide you from fraud, but the stars will discover that your partner is not entirely yours.


Rams are generally very committed to our partners, but if you constantly ‘drnda “while the phone with you – it’s time to suspect. Who sent the message? What is so important, so do not pay attention to you? If you are in the evening and he can not put the phone aside, it is likely to correspond with each other. It’s time to deal with it and openly ask him what was happening.


When cheating Taurus begin planning your life without a partner. If you ask him where he was going or who is currently unclear answer you something so you do not realize who you spend time. When Taurus seeing another person, he becomes very suspicious, and if you feel like hiding something from you, it is best to ask directly.


Members of this sign is, when seen with some other, slowly moving away from a partner. Less often will ask how you are and how was your day and have less time for you. If it seems that he no longer cares about you, you probably have someone.


If you feel that you send a last resort, you probably cheating on Cancer. Ask him if he’s available for the weekend and if he says that he did not then give you a little later he says that there is something free time – you should know that this is just proof that it not high on the priority list and to have someone on the side.


When you are having an affair Leo does not have time for you. Even if you openly ask you to take a break. Born under this sign are not as good at hiding sympathies and will, if she is with someone, the Lions attention will be paid to that other person and so you know if your connection is not on the right track.


If there is no passion so much as in the beginning it is a great chance that Virgo seeing someone else. In this case, your partner will not be in the mood for the usual pampering and romantic outings. It will often be grumpy or anxious without reason.


The moment Aquarius stops with you tailor plans for the future, know that someone else here had a hand. Born under this sign are very romantic and often fantasize about what you all waiting. However, if you avoid such discussions mean it is not safe in your relationship because he likes someone else.


When a man born under the sign of Scorpio seeing another woman he becomes ekstremnotajnovit. They will not tell you where he goes and what he does. Even if you begin to lie, but you will be hard to catch him in the act.


If you hear that plans to go out and take you called – know that this is it. Ask him to anyone coming and if you said, “With friends,” know that you are lying. Sagittarius is impulsive and if you see that plans and mini-trip without you – prepare for the worst.


The man born under the sign of Capricorn will take care of that before you not find a shred of doubt, let alone proof that you are cheating. He is extremely careful and you can not make it clear what is happening. Do not approach his phone because he always locked em em Capricorn will get mad.


If “Maybe, we’ll see,” the most common answer to all your questions, you probably cheating Aquarius. He was not overly emotional but it is so easy to deceive and to hide it. However, if all of your joint plans up in the air all the opportunity to have another.


If you avoid to go with you to some places, a man born under the sign of Pisces deceiving you. They will not want to go to the neighborhoods in which they live or moving the person with whom you are cheating