Each zodiac sign has its TWO COLORS, find out what your

Each zodiac sign suit two colors: the first works on the body and health, and the other on the soul, feelings and mood.

Body color: Red

It is the color of fire, enthusiasm, activity, those who are not afraid of new challenges.

Your appearance: Clothing red’ll fill you with energy and make your daily efforts. Women should carry a red underwear: you will be more seductive and makes it easier to win. Decorate the rubies.

What to eat: Choose tomatoes, radishes, strawberries, red-orange; lobsters and red meat and, of course, red wine.

Color soul: Blue

She’ll calm your restlessness and impulsivity. Select the living room and bedroom. On the desk or on the wall in the office always hold something blue.

Body color: Green

Its brightest tones to help you find the strength and balance and to overcome fatigue.

Your appearance: Refresh your wardrobe jacket or a jacket in green, and the umbrella of the same color will emphasize your eyes. For a special evening, choose an emerald.

What to eat: Summer is an ideal time for a variety of fruit and vegetable salads, with lots of peas, beans, zucchini or kiwi and grapes.

Color soul: Sky Blue

Find a time and watch the sky, free imagination, spend a weekend at the seaside and enjoy the feelings that evokes more. Sky-blue walls will deeply relax.

Body color: Gray

All shades of these colors will enhance your concentration and contribute to the fulfillment of your goals.

Your outfit: Jacket color ice be balanced by your body energy, a gray shirt elongate the figure. For decoration use stones like onyx and pearls.

What to eat: Enjoy a taste of buckwheat and fish.

Color soul: Pink

The lively and stimulating, this color will fill you with joy and will. Decorate the house or lilacs cyclamen or give them to friends.

Body color: White

This airy colors will make the atmosphere around you magical and unforgettable.

Your appearance: Clothing white or natural shades best for your delicate and charming nature. Highlight your natural beauty and white coral beads.

What to eat: pasta, white bread, milk and yogurt, and ice cream for dessert, coconut, bananas.

Color soul: Blue

This color of the sea and the sky will fill you with delicate feelings and make your home a favorite meeting place for friends and family.

Body color: Gold

Sunlight, the source of energy and life on earth gives you health, strength and power.

Your appearance: Get plenty of accessories in gold: shoes, bags and belts, a play around and bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

What to eat: Let it on your desk are always potatoes, bread, corn flour, eggs, corn, butter, lemon and pineapple.

Color soul: Blue

It is cool and soothing colors. If you do not want to paint it in a larger area in the apartment, get pictures or decorations and shades.

Body color: Brown

And dark and light shades of these colors promise you a healthy and strong body.

Your appearance: In order to comply with its lively nature, fashion accessories worn leather, brick color scarf and beige pants.

What to eat: Hundreds Bring beans, lentils, chocolate, dried fruit, but make the fall for picking mushrooms and chestnuts.

Color soul: Orange

In the office, use the orange objects: to encourage concentration and sociability. If you save a romantic dinner, casually scatter orange pillows under the couch and the floor.

Body color: Pink

Delicate and romantic, you are called upon to relax and unwind with your partner.

Your appearance: Choose soft pink dresses and shirts, and use these tones and makeup. Hanging pink earrings will raise your mood.

What to eat: In the menu, be sure to include as many fish, with an emphasis on salmon, trout and shrimp. Desert Peach will be a hit.

Color soul: Beige

If you find yourself in conflict with others, beige color will give you the emotional detachment from the dreary and strong feelings and drive away bad thoughts.

Body color: Bordo

Deep red will lead you to the energy balance.

Your appearance Bordeaux clothing will put your magic and passion to the fore, a reddish and purple tones will highlight your sensuality.

What to eat: Indulge in the pleasure of the red meat, red wine, spicy eggplant and peppers.

Color soul: Yellow

Cheerful yellow will make you a clear and open, and improve your mood. Buy a piece of furniture or a table cloth and paint. If you are searching for inner peace, light the candles and stretched out on the couch.

Body color: Blue

Dark or light, will relax your body and remove the spasms that owe a sedentary lifestyle.

Your appearance: Vote clothing that allows free movement but can not go wrong with jeans and sneakers. If you want to look special, wear turquoise.

What to eat: Serve oily fish and plums, decorate a hundred different shades of blue that will assuage hunger and tension.

Color soul: Red

In accordance with your element – fire, red will give you the emotion, enthusiasm and desire to conquer new goals. Have at least one item uvašoj office is red.

Body color: Black

In fact, the black set of all colors of the rainbow: serve you to find harmony, happiness and a sense of completeness.

Your appearance: Stylish black round off your charm and sensuality, or a bag or jewelry are some vibrant colors. If you like jewels, that they are black.

What to eat: Whenever you can, buy groceries and integral consume more seafood and wine.

Color soul: Pink

This sweet colors encourage you to meet with friends and talk uninhibited pleasure. Edit the house using many different shades of pink.

Body color: Silver

Associated with Uranus, the planet and the future of technology, this color will make you conspicuous and lively.

Your appearance: Wearing silver and powder materials, you will always look fashionable and tends to innovate. Women can wear a silver bag or belt, tie and men.

What to eat: All types of fish, and the drink mineral water.

Color soul: Green

It gives you inner balance and opens the heart zone. If you surround yourself with green, you will gain the ability to easily express their feelings.

Body color: Purple

Cold purple will help you keep a good body shape.

Your appearance: From sporty to elegant clothing, always choose purple tones that highlight the sensual side of your nature. Bags, belts and jewelry shall also be purple.

What to eat: Prepare dishes based on eggplant, sugar beet and artichoke. Fruit eat plum, black figs and blueberries.

Color soul: White

Its glow will seem calmer. White refreshment rooms where you spend your days; get the white tablecloths or curtains.