Easy Prey: The three zodiac sign is the easiest way into bed

This does not mean that morals …

The stars you discover that horoscope signs needs to invest a minimum of effort to get them into bed.


When it comes to courtship, with the Rams going aggressiveness and directness. Do not ask him for permission to kiss him – just kiss when you grasp the opportune moment. As you approach the stronger, the better.

Rams are subject to and compliments. They want to hear that they are the most attractive people on the planet. But you can feel free to oppose him. They are debates as an aphrodisiac.


Leos like to be the leader, and if you have the opportunity to take an orgasm to star, it is easy to persuade them to do so. They like to flirt, to be the center of attention. If you want to win Lava fully concentrate on it.

Praise his outfit or anything else. Act as the best in everything and everywhere. When you dim the light, pass his fingers through his hair and get a big plus. Whispering in his praise during foreplay. This will help you ensure the perfect sex.


Aquarians are large phlegm … They are even easy to go to bed just because they did not care whether to have sex or not.

Tell him to do research on the topic of sex in the clinic and that you need help with the experiment. Even if one bar will be considered original. What you are unconventional, all you attractive Aquarius.