Eclipses of the Sun and the Moon-Let the changes happen, it’s time!

Eclipses of the sun and moon in the signs of Cancer and Capricorn. This eclipse will be very interesting because they take place during the period when they are active challenging aspects of Saturn, Pluto and challenging aspects of the lunar nodes, Rahu and Ketu. In addition, interest is itself a wasp Cancer-Aquarius which will come to an eclipse.

These wasps are very important for the development of every individual. On one side is the attachment to home and family, the relationships they have established with their parents, on the other hand is our desire to achieve in life. The requirement that we be able to do is discard the system of values ​​on which we have learned and build their personality. In other words, we have to take responsibility for his own life, because everything thing in life there thanks to our desire to express their own will.

This is a crucial moment in which it raises an important question: what to do with a family karma? As much as we try, we often repeat stories of ancestors.

Cancer is naturally linked to the family and his desire to remain with her forever. However, each of us in life there comes a moment when they should be separated from their families and to become independent. Most of these changes is hard, and then consciously or unconsciously, a decision that it’s best to remain a child. If it happens this decision, the person itself closes and stops its own development. For myself would say that she grew up, but in itself will still carry a child who asks his parents. If this is added, family karma, which is transmitted from generation to generation, is only a matter of time before people start to look like their parents.

If the attachment to the family is extremely strong, any solution that tries to implement in practice will be extremely painful. A person must find the strength to break away from parents and genetics. This does not mean that a person rejects his parents or that they do not like, but that she wants to evolve independently of them. Until now, it was learned the “rules” and forms and is not thinking for themselves. Now is the time that the person distancing and to see things from a distance to be able to look at yourself realistically.

On the other hand, just because a person can be rejected or misunderstood. However, this step is necessary to take in order to continue to upgrade its own personality. Until we are independent and ourselves, we will be subject to the influence of the family and the child in us will never have the opportunity to develop.

Capricorn is very important in this case. As much as looked cold and restrictive, it actually intends to figure turned to look inward, to look for themselves regardless of the environment in which to grow up. It is important to realize that some things we were extremely helpful in one period of life, but now they are completely useless. This is similar to a child who does not see the sense in which toys are played until now. She can bring a smile and remind him to a “worry-free” time, but the toy is pushed aside. He served at one time in their lives, and now is the time to commit to serious matters.

If someone still continue using the toy even though it’s time to forget about it, then the projections from the parental home mapped into everyday life. Seeking a partner on the model of the parents, the other people looking for the same or similar behavior models as there are parents. Then a frustration because people can not find what she needed. Will condemn others, but does not see that the core of the problem is somewhere inside.

The more you look like and what parents are less aware of their own personality, the greater the possibility that the family karma is mapped to us. If we are unable to understand their emotions, which are represented by the sign of Cancer, the world outside the parental home for us to be cold and inhospitable, and it is presented to the sign of Capricorn.

Maturation and change is part of life, a wasp Cancer-Capricorn reminds us of that.

If we look globally, humanity has Vele problems to grow.

Stereotypes, taboos, dogmas and prohibitions, the desire to meet the needs of the childish, the desire to possess because possession gives a sense of security are stumbling stone of this civilization.

Valid common belief that human civilization is at a high level of development, but it is only one of the misconceptions. An eclipse of the Sun and the Moon have the task of breaking down this misconception.

If we look at the children and their behavior, we can see that there are no significant differences in relation to the behavior of adults. Deca water meaningless fights for its place in your street, are eager to prove who is stronger. This is what happens to adults. Their fights are much more serious, because it includes the nation, the state and religion, and the final outcome of the battle was fatal. Here we actually see that the children remained children, only to change their clothes.

The eclipse that we are facing require us to do some very serious changes in their lives. But be careful, these changes do not seek relocation, the purchase of another car or something like that. They are asking us to change ourselves from within. We can not behave as if we were “great”, and that in itself at the same time we carry and develop immaturity.

Let the changes happen. Leave aside all the more not for use. Show your family immense love, because it has brought you where you are now. Do not allow it to have an impact on your life and thus running away from responsibility. Summon your courage, they have a vast expanse of his own being and become what you want to be regardless of what the family think about you.