Eclipses of the Sun and the Moon-What will the eclipse of the sun and moon us and society?

Eclipses of the Sun and the Moon, one of the most interesting phenomena in the sky, which is also in ancient civilizations, occupied the attention of both rulers and ordinary people are eclipses lights in the sky – the sun and moon. The disappearance of the lights during the day was seen as the end of the world, as a sign that God followed by punishment, etc. in times when people were not aware of this astronomical phenomenon. Today we have not only the knowledge of eclipses – how the phenomenon technically called, but we can on the Internet to find (NASA site – eclipse) and the length of each of the eclipse and all the information needed go to a particular eclipse (description of the eclipse, in which part of the world will be visible whether it is complete, or partial ring, which is the second in a row – Saros, etc.). Every year on average are four eclipses, but never less than two. Max can it be seven, but not any of the same magnitude. Eclipses in Astrology are unavoidable as part of the interpretation primarily annual forecast, mundane astrology (world events), and the highest in the survey karmic tasks, ie. karmic astrology.

When someone starts to explore interest in eclipses but also for their esoteric symbolism can quickly see how the personal and collective level, the obvious consequence that eclipses bring in our personal life, in society and in countries that are activated them. First things first.

An eclipse of the sun and moon come in pairs, about 14 days, the difference in their event. Solar eclipse happens when the moon is between the earth and the sun. When the sun is closest to earth there will be a total eclipse, and if it continues to be called an annular eclipse, because it is seen that Korona. purple circle of the solar disk. Partial or partial eclipse is when the moon huts just one part of the solar disk. Lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth is between the Moon and the Sun (and always during the full moon, ie. When the sun and moon in the astrological sense in opposition, while a solar eclipse when the new moon, ie, when the Sun and Moon in conjunction ). Lunar eclipses (when the Earth casts a shadow on the Moon) can and can not happen in a year, but if it happened an eclipse of the sun, and it must eclipse of the moon. As the eclipse of the sun and the eclipse can be total, partial and annular.

Eclipses of the sun and the moon, when, and why there is an eclipse of lights in the sky? To explain this, I introduce the explanation and what the lunar node because of them actually depends on whether there will be an eclipse. Astronomically speaking, the moon goes around the Earth in an elliptical orbit. Point through which makes the passage of the moon at the north side of the ecliptic (the apparent path of the Sun year) with which the plane in which lies the ellipse, ie. moon orbits an angle of 5.15 degrees) is called the ascending node (astrological Sevrna Node) and the second point when the ecliptic intersects the south side represents the South Node. How the moon, along with the Earth moves around the Sun, the plane is moving, which means to move the lunar node (which for the year exceed 19.35 degrees, so that the whole zodiacal circle exceed 18.6 years). If the conjunction of the moon and sun, then a new moon occurs at a distance closer than the level of 18.31 fixtures can come to eclipse, and surely occur if the node is closer than 15.20 degrees. Thus, the moon and the sun must be in conjunction and also in parallel. Position of the lunar nodes is extremely btina in the natal chart, or in karmic analysis and matching of the lunar nodes with the planets of other people we meet in life can be a strong sign that we are with them or we will be linked much stronger than we are aware of and in terms of karmic tasks (often, mothers fathers children activated the nodes with their personal planets, the sun, Mars, Saturn and often).

When a solar eclipse happens, at that moment there is no light of the sun in the sky, and then we do not see the moon. According to esoteric concepts, the eclipse always brings darkness that happens every time you go from one life to another. Symbolically this is the point which connects a figure eight, a point that connects two lives, or the moment when we go to the astral world. As you wish, but it is a very important and sensitive moment, when three celestial bodies in one level set, ie. they are aligned, so eclipses can not connect with the new beginnings in our lives, but before that something needs to come and place. This means that at this point we can to connect one or two rounds of eight in a two esoteric life in this now, but from certain eclipses that are important to us personally can come from a past life that is important to us in this, for example. Everyone has a major eclipse, called prenatal eclipse (this is the last eclipse, which occurred before our birth). It can be either a solar or lunar, so it’s important to know when it happened, ie. to what degree. This eclipse has a number, because it is one of a series that is repeated (Saros cycles) but on this issue you can on the site that I mentioned at the beginning to find and when you will be out of your next series happen again. Half a year before and half a year later, for us important eclipse, we can expect very important events in life.

What is important for us to keep track of when it happens some Eclipse? The most important is the degree and sign in which the eclipse occurs some. The strongest aspect in terms of astrology related contact some of our planet to the degree eklispe the conjunction. Thus, in particular, the following Eclipse IDE 31.01.2018 year, it is Lunarana or months – and it happens to the axis of Aquarius 11 – 11 Lava. This means that persons have to this speed as well as from 6 to 16 degrees of Aquarius or milling a planet or Ascedent as well as an important point (MC, Desc, e.g.) is active area in which the planet rules. Next comes Eclipse 15.02.2018 and it is the solar eclipse, which occurs at 27 degrees of Aquarius. If you do not have any planet near the eclipse, look to you house natal horoscope decline this eclipse, and it is possible to launch events in your life in the symbolism of the house (if house work then it is possible to come to some important developments in this area ).

There is a big difference between the Sun and the Moon eclipses. Moon eclipse trigger emotional cleansing, events and various twists in this regard. When the Moon’s eclipse in the sky, the events that come to us are the ones on which we can not act, then the more we will not be passive spectators and we will turn to domestic affairs, ie. feelings. During the full moon of our emotions are very strong, and it is dominated by emotions, which is currently the most common (if we are in love during the full moon will be even more, or if someone is sad then the grief increase during the full moon). During the lunar eclipse occurs more powerful insights and possibly change or live an emotion that bothers us within us, and cleanse your feeling of bad emotions. Lunar eclipses always gives us a chance to deal with their essential work if we are ready for it. If not, turbulent emotions and stronger neazdovoljstvo can be expected in people who have emotional challenges during this period. In contrast Solar Eclipse brings the events to which we can respond to actively participate. The sun is related to the consciousness, the will and the objective life and the conscious level we have much to do during the Solar eclipse. In the esoteric sense, if our prenatal eclipse of the month – it is a sign that we are in this life come to be someone who will activate another person to some action, but we are not supposed to go into action. The moon is a woman of the planet, refers to passive, yin energy, as such, and environmental roles assigned to those with prenatal lunar eclipses. Also, there is a moment in the emotions, therefore, these people have come to feel the emotional experience they have not felt in a past life, or to repeat. People who have prenatal Solar eclipse have a task to start something in this life that they may have started in the past, and are certainly more active in this life, this is their mission in life is connected with an idea, work and active participation in social movements.

This topic is very broad, interesting, especially from the perspective of karmic astrology – it is advised to look at where your lunar node, your Prenatal Eclipse, and at least during this year to know where the eclipse falls, which this year has 5. It is also important to look at the length of some eclipses, especially if it is important for you, because if it takes 3 minutes for example, its impact on you the next three years (ie, events that it brings you over the next three years will be current).

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