Egyptian HOROSCOPE: What is the divinity of the Egyptian God your protector? What features at the Egyptian deity?

Egyptian horoscope is divided into 12 characters, each character is marked and one carries God its properties. Find out what features at the Egyptian deities.

Sekment 29 7-11.8 / 30.10-7.11 goddess of war and fighting
You like to be pointing. I just try to be recognized by your true values ​​and to have a high opinion of yourself, you feel that you are never sufficiently rewarded. Therefore, it is your companion dissatisfaction. Expression of justice is your main driver. Depending on the event, you know that the show strict, even ruthless, our neighbors. No one can hold your gaze, so penetrating. Basically, at vengeful spirit. All your strictness following psychic powers, telepathy, and therefore, you would be able to successfully develop. Very appreciate beauty and art. Sometimes your external beauty and splendor can be completely blind. Yet you are among the people most advanced when it comes to emotions and sexuality. Curious i do not like to bind to only one person. Especially in youth, are prone to experimentation, primarily on the sexual level. In their quest for a soul mate you’re ready to try everything.

SETH 28.5.-15.6./28.9-2.10. God of thunder and the underworld
The eternal traveler! Needless to say that earthquakes announce where you step on! Your motive is: the end justifies the means. If you choose to win, you have no obstacles. People are much more afraid of you than you prefer. When you reach one goal, turn and move on. You love hunting for prey. At an exceptional feature to forget events and people who hurt you. You have a very lively temperament, and your feelings are lofty and dignified. God of lightning and storms, and note your feelings gives a fierce passion. Do not give up easily, and the partners expect maximum commitment. I keep dreaming about passion and romantic experiences. Your criteria are sometimes so high that they would rather sit and fantasize, but to leave yourself to someone who will only meet half.

1.1.- NIL 7 1 / 16.6. – 28.6 / 1.9. -7.9 / 18.11.-26.11. River harmony and tranquility
You run out of the ordinary, trivial things. The prices of creation of the spirit in which the glimmering spark of beauty, intelligence and spirituality. You are my favorite person whose society everyone is looking for. Your personality radiates irresistible magnetism that makes it desirable in a society where you are going. You are attracted by the secret teachings and alchemy, mixing herbs and anagement drinks, cocktails and an elixir for good health and longevity. Your intuitive nature feels that behind the illusion of things are always hiding something else. Your emotions are delicate, balanced, full of kindness and attention. Rarely when you are going to drop into a relationship head regardless, a avanure are themselves excluded. If you like romantic atmosphere and imaginative love games.

ANUBIS 9.5.-28.5 / 29.6-13.7. God of the dead
Your highly emotional nature makes you vulnerable to the phases of the moon. Your greatest wish is to find a recipe to make the world a better place. Without you, it might be the tradition, and the man would forever be without roots. You’re at the peak of this mission! You are very responsible, intelligent and honest. You are emotional and romantic, but you sometimes lack initiative. You need to invest a little more energy and enthusiasm when looking for your life partner. In the state you long for someone to love without any attempt to approach him and start a relationship. Usually you’re looking for someone who will know how to reveal all your qualities. Want gradual seduction and love in a relationship you expect above all safety.

HORUS 20.4-8.5 / 12.8-19.8. God of heaven
Stand firm feet on the ground and at a clear sense of responsibility and values. The political dimensions of brand you occupy. Your motto is: when you risk nothing, that nothing and no. Despise all those who achieved entering the ‘back door’ ‘. If you ever come to power, task them! Your righteousness, which makes your strength, and also makes your weakness, because it is known to always attacking openly and directly. So you become predictable. Invading your spirit takes is a little discipline. In regard to love you sometimes like a butterfly. Non-permanent and you do not like strong relationships. You are attracted by adventures and new acquaintances. You tend to sacrifice its own security in the name of something new, even if the time you say something stupid. On trips are happy to engage in adventures with strangers.

OZIRIS 1.3-10.3 / 27.11-18.12. God of nature and the underworld.
You are always ready to answer all questions. The gods have bestowed upon you the knowledge that make you special. Of course, this knowledge causes many jealousy. Those who are lower than you’d like to see how you “shoot”. Your wisdom, which constitutes your true power, will always know how to overcome the most difficult problems. You are very romantic and sensual. You are very prone to idealizing love partners and love life in general, but it can happen to be disappointed. In his youth, you certainly do not get killed rivers of tears because of excessive emotion. The first thing you have to learn is to separate reality from wishful thinking and imagination. You are very sensitive, loyal and passionate. You are the ideal partner to every person I really love.

GEBA 12.2-28.2 / 208 31.8. God earth
Your innate sense of organization is unique. You are not an artist in the aesthetic sense, but you have to in a useful and practical. Woe to him who withdraws and does not respect his word. In such cases, your anger is terrible and ruthless. The attractive and very accessible, you are confidant about what kind of imagination – you always find the right words to comfort the afflicted soul, to help others. You’re a romantic, rebellious and loyal to the one you love. Do you want to merge into one body and one soul. You are sensual, passionate and very emotional. Looking for the right person, sometimes it happens that you lose the compass and begin to wander from one person to another. You are the love and tenderness need it more than anyone.

AMON-RA 8.1-21.1./1.2.-11.2. Sun God – the supreme God
Nothing you can not resist, in your presence, everything is rough, it becomes gentle. No one remains indifferent to your presence, and your speeches are always very wise, often have a prophetic character. However, many do not understand. Your generosity brings happiness to everyone, even causing excitement because I do not expect anything in return. Size of your soul every impresses. Being born under the protection of the God Amon-Ra, is both a tribute and a challenge. Your emotions are delicate, balanced, full of attention and kindness. Rarely when you are going to drop into a relationship head regardless, a avanure are themselves excluded.

STATEMENT 18.10-29.10 / 19.12-31.12 goddess of motherhood and protector of the dead
Do you have the heart and soul of a tolerant and eternal love people. Your friends love your presence because it brings peace and serenity. However, be careful because many people can not overuse your bezgranučnu tolerance and kindness. Just sometimes you feel a great loneliness and even strive to secure it in himself more. This means that you are not fully protected from impacts posed by everyday life. In love doing all you can and even a little bit will not hesitate to take the initiative in their own hands. Want to make happy the person you love, which happens sometimes that you do not measure. You’re very passionate and open, and expect the same from partners.

MUT 22.1.-31.1./8.9-22.9 goddess-mother
Your nature is difficult to understand, entertains you to maintain and expand the mystery around him. The bear strong feeling of guilt. This feeling stems from your mysterious character that puts you a little away from zajednlce. Your thoughts sometimes lead you into a melancholy. But know and be rigorous and ironic when you estimate that you hurt others and left. For the love of you are willing to impossible. You tend to be genuinely in love at first sight and to the right person. When this happens, usually it comes to a public place, a person of his life overwhelmed by what just sit down beside her and radiate happiness. It then simply unable to resist such an attractive and positive energy. You are persistent, and non-intrusive. His will perform quietly and slowly.

TOT 1.4.-19.4./8.11.-17.11. God the month of wisdom, knowledge, astronomy, geometry, mathematics and art
Overcome your own capabilities is the engine-driver of your life. While some shouting loudly about their discoveries, and you work hard in silence and act extremely modest. You’re ready to vinete in any endeavor if you estimate that it could be useful for their families or the community. Appreciate every effort not tolerate laziness, either physically or spiritually. Your optimism and enthusiasm simply transitional. Despite your impressive feature, you do not despise anyone or anything except baseness and osrednjosoti. Sometimes have difficulty in expressing their feelings, especially especially when it comes to love. On the one hand you have a need for someone who is always there when you feel lonely, sad or moody, and on the other hand, you have a constant need to escape – like adventures and new acquaintances.

BASTET 14.7-28.7 / 23.9-27.9. / 3:10 to 17:10 Goddess of protection, home and sunlight
The gods of ancient Egypt have given the attractiveness and sympathies to you so that your presence never goes unnoticed. You could easily become the leader of a sect, so great is your power of persuasion large. No one fails to resist your charm. The forces of good and evil are fighting within you, but you are generally choosing unity and harmony. You do not want to rule. This is because they have inherited a dangerous mysterious knowledge. Very quickly you realize that real power is not reflected in the booths than in the more subtle work. Your personality intrigues and fascinates many people look like they’ve come from another world. This is why the way you speak and think differently from the rest. In love, you are impulsive and full of demands. You are honest, open, loyal, and even naive. You would never agree to the relationships that are not quite honest. Usually you do not have a lot of patience because of their demands and impulsive reactions. Therefore, easily broken. Sometimes you know how to be grumpy and annoying to be honest.