Eighth astrological field-individual desire and need for control, security ….

Astrological field: Osmo

Element and Meaning: Water – the emotions, the unconscious, assimilation, desires, passions, fears

The quality and meaning: Sledujuća – individual desire and need for control, security

The modern meaning of the fields cause of death, transformation, tragedy, other people’s money, banks, insurance, anus, genitals

The traditional meaning of fields: reproductive organs, the deceased, cause of death, the last will and testament of the deceased, fear, mental suffering, the successor of the deceased, mystery, chronic disease, occult, depression, alkoholozam and drug addiction, long life, the awakening of consciousness, psychological skills, telepathic abilities astrology, intuition, mathematical abilities, victory over enemies, piles of stones in the bile, toxins, bladder

Esoteric meaning of fields: kundalini, bad karma, bad karma cleansing through the pain and depression,

Numerological meaning of the fields: material things, convenience, female principle, infinity, reincarnation, the accumulation of wealth, lack of patience, worthy of the business people prefer red, often ruthless in business, dedicated to his family

Natural sign: Scorpio

Planeta ruler: Saturn

Planet rejoices in this field: /