EJ, since I was born: Birth Day talk about your character and behavior

Did you know that the week has seven days associated with the seven visible heavenly bodies?

The ancient prophets were the first to notice, however, according to the influence of celestial bodies advised certain activities on certain days. This behavior increased the chances of success in various endeavors.

However, it should be noted that, according to ancient reckoning, the day lasts from sunrise to sunrise, and not until midnight. If you were born on Tuesday at three o’clock in the morning – see Monday as their day of birth in the following list.

Monday – Moon (the mother of the gods by the ancient Egyptians)

Monday is changeable and impermanent. It’s a good day for the writers, because the imagination of the day extremely stimulated. Moon in astrology symbolizes the feminine principle, and the government Monday to women and protect them. It is believed that the girls were born Monday become good wives and mothers. Monday is suitable for all kinds of household work. Not recommended for travel by air, and because the government Month waters, traveling by sea or river will pass without problem.

Tuesday – Mars (god of war)

Warriors, heroes and knights born on Tuesdays. In the past, this day is considered very difficult because on that day, both starting wars and military coups. This is the day to start the action, fighting, drastic changes and daring deeds. Not recommended lots of rest. Instead, start a project and you do the physical work. This day is not good for team work or for work in two, just because it is ruled by Mars, the god of war.

Wednesday – Mercury (messenger of the gods)

Mercury is linked with trade, knowledge and information, so Wednesday mind active, curious and open to communication and exchange of ideas. People born on Wednesdays think quickly. This day is suitable for travel, trade, contracting, new contacts, administrative and intellectual work. Problems are resolved peacefully and without conflict.

Thursday – Jupiter (ruler of the gods)

Jupiter ancients called “the king of the planets.” People born on Thursday, attracting attention and respect for their optimism and širokogrudošću. They are born leaders and occupy high positions in society. In ancient cultures were often chosen for the priests and wise men for the force. Thursday is good for religious and political ventures and also the day suitable for resolving legal and government issues. Not good for business and commercial projects as well as for new contacts.

Friday – Venus (goddess of beauty)

The goddess of love, beauty and enjoyment of the government on Friday. It is believed that people born on this day bring peace, harmony and beauty. They are artists, aesthetes, diplomats and searching for sensual pleasures. It is a day when people are in the mood for relaxation and fun. Surprisingly, this day is not suitable for weddings and romantic meetings. Be careful not to get too relaxing on Fridays because it is then easier to give in to bodily desires and passions.

Saturday – Saturn (god of death and time)

This is another critical day of the week, dedicated to the dead. This is the day you are born scientists, philosophers, loners and ascetics. These are people who usually have a more serious attitude towards life and have a sense of responsibility. People born on Saturdays tend to be how sad and worried. Saturday is suitable for finishing old business, but not to start new ones. Also, Saturday is an unfavorable day for weddings and trips.

SUNDAY – Sun (god of life and healing)

People born on Sunday adorned with positivity, generosity and love of life. This is a day for celebration, creativity, happiness and success. Best day of the wedding, as well as start new activities and plans for medical treatment, because it is the day of the week when it starts a new cycle of recovery of the body. Sunday, according to the old beliefs very happy day, according to astrologers, people born on Sunday are very charismatic and cheerful. Do not obey the norms, but are constantly looking for something else. It is very stable people, who often accompanies happiness in life. Sunday is not suitable for the isolation or meditation.

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