-Energy solar eclipses are a bit unstable, stormy …..

As in every eclipse, you should not start anything new, any business venture, making important decisions or anything like that. After a good old recipe needs to be introverted, withdrawn into itself in some form of silent meditation.

Now you do not need to just wait for the stars to shine finish and then immediately returned to the busy lifestyle. By the end of the week we turn our senses inward and listened well to what your inner being ordered. Be careful with the dreams that you dream, with emotions and feelings that arise simply out of nowhere. Tomorrow’s Eclipse open us like a book and everything is forgotten will come out in the open. But be careful, to see if they can get out of unresolved problems, deeply repressed fears, but also our talents.

You know that feeling when you do something completely spontaneous and what you did to be a big hit? You feel like you’re on top of the world and all that you can? These are just your hidden talents, your creative energy that gives strength and power to create. Perhaps it is better to tell the forgotten talents, because you are doing something that is familiar and dear, and no you did not show it. Who knows what the soul remembers, from which life and this is now necessarily exhibit. So whatever you hear from him, even if he comes barely perceptible sense, do not dismiss it lightly. Incidentally this may dismiss part of his being.

During tomorrow’s eclipse, whose influence can be felt for two to three days before and after the event, there will be mental blocks, frustration and tension. Do not worry about that, it will pass.

A few days ago it was a solar storm that affected the Earth’s magnetic field, but also on our psyche. Energies are a little unstable, the storm so to speak, but they do not have, and your thoughts will be like a storm, and you in the role of sailors on stormy stormy sea winds. Relax somewhere in silence, concentrate on yourself and let the storm to pass. Next week is welcome but is clean of all the negativity and start a new cycle of strong, bright, full of optimism and will to achieve your dreams.