Equating the astrological field / house and zodiac signs

In interpreting natal charts can occur some errors. One of them is the equalization of houses and characters, so characteristic example of the fourth home match emotions and the sign of Cancer.

For example, if the Sun is in Virgo in the 4th house, it does not have to be a person related to their parents, because the sun does not represent emotions, more vitality and strength. In this regard, if the Sun in the 4th house, people can work from home or that again has a need to organize your home, but it has nothing to do with emotions.

If we take for example the Sun in Cancer in the 4th house, yet we do not have emotions, but also the need to create security or the need to have a family, maybe the person is realized as a person with a family, but it is not emotional. That person has the Moon in Sagittarius, she had no desire to travel with your family or to travel and experience the adventure of knowing that the security and support of his family, but the moon is the one that talks about the emotions, not the sun.

Now, suppose that the moon is in Virgo in the 4th house, this would mean that a person has a need to assist and ensure the safety of his household. She helps her parents or mother. This person is the safest place has something to offer family when their benefits.

If the moon is in Cancer in the 4th house, then we have a strong attachment to home and a sense of belonging and identification with parents, emphasized Genetics and memory, only then we can say that the sign corresponds to the house, in other cases, it makes no sense to connect with the character of the house.