Erogenous zones horoscope: One sign simply loves to kiss his toes!

Once you know which are the erogenous zone of each zodiac sign, your enjoyment does not end!

Fama of erogenous zones could cost you nothing to do, if you think we have the same places where we are most vulnerable. Do not be fooled by the fact that every girl likes to kiss her ears, or neck, and to forget about the stomach, or perhaps your fingers! Read that the erogenous zone of each zodiac sign and provide your partner, but also fully enjoy themselves.


Aries will simply drive you nuts if you touch his head where his erogenous zone. Will enjoy if he loved his eyes closed in the ear, behind the ear, not to mention lips. Aries enjoys caressing the hair, gently massage the face and gently touches the lips.


Touch the representatives of this sign on the door and start the fun. Taurus loves gentle touch on the neck and slow sex – wants enough time to enjoy nearby. Therefore, it is not necessary that you are doing erotic things to force, to rush and force a passion. As soon as the Taurus feels false excitement in a partner, it immediately evaporates.


Gemini will wake up and get excited if you take his hand. Kiss each finger, chew slowly, a special focus on the inner side of the arms and hands in particular. Use your fingers or tongue caress the area in the direction of the elbow to the armpit. You are sure to cause excitement and feel what your partner quiver with delight.


Sexologists claim that deep kissing, including teeth and tongue can lead to orgasm Raka. Breasts are also the most sensitive part of the body with the representatives of this sign. Even unintentional touch of the breast can cause cancer strong sexual desire.


A person born under this sign of the zodiac, is excited by touching the back. Both men and women enjoy the lions when Czech partner gently on the back. Often during the excitement lions changes occur on the skin: touch during foreplay, increased blood pressure. As soon as you notice slight redness of the skin – you can be sure, Leo is ready.


Erogenous zone at the Virgin’s stomach. Device enjoy the gentle massage navel, fingers, lips and tongue. Gentle activities in this area will cause in Device erotic pleasure. Do not be silent in bed. And after sex Virgo loves to talk about feelings partner.


To establish a balance never forget to be near Scales, near their lower back and buttocks. I excite them touches, not just during sex. If you want to challenge the erotic fantasies with the scales or hinting that you want to have sex, then while walking somewhere in a public place, touch her lower back.


Biggest of all signs of the zodiac, Scorpio uzbudiće touching the genitals. Representatives of this sign directly stimulate the sex organs (while other means can not believe this is sex without foreplay, it’s all just starting to Scorpio). Representatives of this sign often equate sex and passion.


Hips and legs are the most realistic erogenous zone representatives of this sign. So do not be lazy and caress the body parts. Sagittarius likes to massage oils and intimacy during foreplay. Therefore, sex would be unforgettable for Sagittarius, if you start with a gentle massage of the whole body, especially the legs and thighs with aromatic massage oil or cream.


Lower abdomen, arm and lower leg are the main erogenous zone of this horoscope sign. Capricorns like it when a woman caresses her nipples, relying on the face, chest, abdomen and groin. Capricorn wife will surely be thrilled if you love below the knee and lower abdomen. Both sexes born under this sign will respond excitedly to massage the lower back, from bottom to top.


Erogenous zone of Aquarius: the legs and ankles. During sex, choose poses that will at least from time to time accidentally touch these parts of the body. Representatives of this sign will remember the sexy position and every gentle touch before and during intimacy.


For those born under the sign of Virgo is very important romantic scenes. Accordingly, the main erogenous zone Riba – the place where you have sex. Fish will delight the aquatic environment, the sound of water, even in the bathroom sex in the bathtub, but that is spacious enough for two. Fish is aroused by touching the foot.