EVO AS YOU WILL BE: This is how you behave in the zodiac signs of age

In the lower one after the other and in each of us act in a different way. Here’s how astrology explains this phenomenon for each zodiac sign

It’s sad when you realize you do not live, but always something waiting. We are waiting for the weekend, waiting for the new year, we are waiting for the end of high school, and college, but good job, wife, husband, vacation property … and ultimately, death. I do not know how to take advantage of moments. Or the times just such moments that, when all is summed up, mostly poor and waiting for better remains the only option. We are waiting for good luck, a postman who carries it seems long ago lost the address of the Balkans.

In the lower one after the other and in each of us act in a different way. How Astrology explains this phenomenon for each zodiac sign?


Are you terrified of the mere thought of aging. However, you do not have to worry, because under the influence of your ruler Mars, the planet of energy, not your energy is not bad. Maybe you need more sleep than if you had 20 years ago, but then you have not had this experience. As time passes, you become more confident in yourself and your attitudes and beliefs are gaining strength. With age grows and your reputation, especially if you learned that your fiery temperament and impulsiveness under control.


Strep but the thought of your attraction can fade, but you do not have to worry, because your real qualities lie precisely in your charm and sociability, the characteristics of which can not do anything. On the contrary, you are managed Venus, symbol of love, which is why you can not lose the gift to bring joy to those you love. Although if you look over the years changed, you will never be able to go unnoticed. How can stability is important, much better you will feel after forty than at an early age.


Members of your characters are not exactly thrilled at the thought that the years pass, and faster. Your ruler Mercury, planet of logic, given your intelligence and analytical gift, which is why you still manage to accept reasonable maturity. As long as you are open, curious and versatile, one will not even think of asking for years. Maturity of you, in addition to more money and free time, brings the possibility to finally treat yourself what you could when you were younger.


Only when you heal the wounds of love from an early age, you can really enjoy the beauty of life. You managed moon, a symbol of home, as representatives of your characters have emphasized parental instinct and very supožrtvovani. And, when you settle down, you start to realize that you only maturity can bring more satisfaction with family. Age make you wiser and more experienced, bringing you the reputation and financial security, which makes you feel safer and happier.


There comes the moment in life when it becomes clear that the focus no longer speak, but a younger, which of course no previous representatives of your characters under the influence of the sun, a symbol of vitality and energy. However, over the years, you have gained the trust and respect of their surroundings because come with maturity and position and authority, all what you have always dreamed of. They are much less likely to be exposed to ridicule someone at work because you did something wrong, but it just comes with age.


Your sign is managed by Mercury, the planet that symbolizes the spirit of curiosity, but even if you want, you can not just get older. Because of your youthful appearance and communication, the company will still reduce the number of years. Get used to compliments, suddenly you become aware that you have already passed forty. However, entry into the mature years can take advantage in the best possible way to advance your career, start your own business, but also to bring more attention to the health and finances.


Like the Taurus, the sign, which also manages Venus, the planet of beauty, care about you is to always look good, especially later in life, which, of course, is not a sin. Your charm is part of your appeal, but on the years just gaining strength. However, the extra pounds that make the year can become a problem, and to health, as it burdens the spine. Therefore, more attention to exercise and recreation, just because in this respect, you know you’re pretty lazy.


Under the influence of their dark ruler Pluto, and you always see the first one darker side of age, whether it’s about work, health, love and transience of life. However, your analytical mind and a special, ironic sense of humor, can help you cope better with the inevitable passage of time with which come wisdom and experience. You are aware that you could return to youth for which so many crave could only bring more suffering and love Teen at work and less money.


In addition to Gemini and Aquarius, and you are a sign of youth, however, you first wrinkles around the eyes can be sad, but not for long. The better you feel this problem as soon as we look at your philosophical way, because you are managed by Jupiter, the planet of optimism. The soul remains forever young, open and curious on what you, as well as the physical condition may envy the representatives of many other characters. Maturity gives you the opportunity to learn and things have come to understand more fully, different and wiser manner than in his youth.


He says you are a representative of your sign governed by Saturn, the planet of maturity, skills and ambitions. I do not understand those who complain about the youth and fall into depression when in her hair grab the first seat because you brings a lot of maturity togadobrog. In his youth, you had plans and objectives, always mature than their peers, and they probably called you a geek. But because today they still jure position and earnings, and you already reaping the rewards of their labor, knowledge and experience.


Besides the fear of aging, you rarely plagued some other fears, but just so we should become aware that you only bring the benefit. Because you mentally young, creative and authentic in everything you do, first of all, thanks to the influence of your ruler Uranus, planet of the future, inventions and changes. How about health does not worry too much, in later years it will probably have to change, if you want to stay young longer. A little more rest, proper diet and exercise can make you reborn.


In which a lower, faster and faster, in only cause you some inexplicable fear do not even know how to describe not. If the time taking care of your health and take care of finances, you will understand that you do not have to worry about. Representatives of your characters are influenced by Neptune, the planet of love, and your emotions and empathy, in time, become even more pronounced. However, your senses are also becoming more acute for those who in their youth just want to use you.