EXPLICIT ASTRO: Women Zodiac observed male eyes

Here’s how it looks female Zodjak, without masks, makeup and high heels.

RAM – Tomboy
It is hard to watch the sheep as female beings, more like the male partners of the female body with which men and sex without questioning heterosexuality. They do not have any property required by the normal man. They have no tenderness, too selfish and attack, do not use your brain, do not have emotional intelligence, not left nor the following partners (yes, that mainly are normal characteristics of men).

They end up with a jerk in life because their choice of partners terrible and after the obligatory surprised when they cheated or left. All in all, they need a lot of time to understand things, if that ever happens.

It is not known which elected (brains certainly do not), but speaks golden saying: ‘S’ Who are you, that’s you! ” All in all, an elegant move on to the next, much more feminine, but also dumb character …

BIK -Tvrdoglavo, hard and free creature.
Cows are one of the few beings really can not conclude that the state of boredom is the caller.

Their fascination with their bodily functions and problems (when they are given when they are not, what they said gynecologist, color and shape is a rash that they appeared in a private place last Thursday), about which talk openly in front of someone for the first time seen in my life really know how to disguise your calls and make him wonder what kind retardati has a job.

But this does not prevent the cows to that teaching, as in everything else in life – around the eyes closed, stubborn and rebellious head through the wall. Raw power and blindness are disadvantages that make up all its other flaws. What you see in the woman a cow you will get it, forever. Do not live in the illusion that they will wise up and develop in life. What I have in my head since birth, they remained until the last day.

Cows are not stupider than others, just the brain for them is not a tool. And when such a flaw in women noticed a lack of brain activity, then it is really a serious disadvantage.

BLIZANCI or SAR and transparent lie
The twins are lying. Yes, this is common knowledge. But we will say it again: The twins are lying. If you judge by its romantic and enchanting words, will conclude that the love of Romeo and Juliet nothing compared to you. But if you draw a line under the work list, you will see that you are for it very low on the priority list, just below scrubbing the stove. There will always have to do something and be with someone rather than with you. Simply, her story is never true vodu.Istina is not deceiving you. In particular, the downside is that it comes to multiple people at once. The good side is that I treat them the same as vas.Imate work with someone who can not be achieved and provide quality, so run for quantity. But that does not give anything, does not mean that you are not expected to provide any. However, those are just selfish bitch cheap skilled with words, and words are the only currency they have and which you want kupiti.Ako have too much time, you want to rest your brain shallow things without perspective or find one that will be no bad wife and mother of your children -go for it!

RAK – Crazy bitch

None of the women in that sign is not normal. You know the type of women who are maniacally laughing with spasm of madness on her face and a bloody knife in his hand while standing on the edge of the building which is full of corpses on fire and that the police have poured out two magazines that would eliminate? This is Račica.

It is no coincidence that in the root of the word lunatic (loonatic) Month, ie. ruler of this sign. You’re dealing with a mentally incapacitated person who changes his character from one extreme to another. One day turns into your worst enemy and sadistic, while the next one again ” old ”, albeit with a mild amnesia when it comes to recent events when you suck the blood or a knife stabbed in the back. Does not have to be a reason for this change of behavior, elves in their heads are self-sufficient.

If you want to have a time bomb next to you that you explode in your face every few days, go ahead.

LAV – conceited and arduous fool
Lavice really believe that their excrement does not stink. That their entry into the room and follow the fanfare that each room is always at least one person who loves them. The truth is that it was always exactly one person. Herself.

When the lack of shared understanding, and gratuitous glorification of its value, they have received a double dose. So much so that not too much else for some other characters (thank goodness).

So, to make the lion, you must learn the following things: kissing her ass (and not in the sexual sense). Kissing her ass. I must emphasize once again – kissing her ass. Agree with everything he says. To worship without cause. On her statement, she has cat eyes, claws and all other associations to me, nodding his head, fascinated by its originality and in any case tell her to talk to each lioness same for themselves, believing that they have discovered hot water.

If you live with it, in any case, she does not draw attention to the fact that unbearable tough bitch with whom it is impossible to live, and that it is impossible to communicate openly with her because I do not accept even a hint of criticism, let alone criticism itself.

What smiete not do if you want to keep your A lion next to you is to start a sentence with “I ….”. You should not make any criticism of her or take her to the astronomical observatory where telescopes can not see the planets circling around the sun more.

If you still want to cough up hair balls cat for sucking up, go ahead.

VIRGO – traitorous bitch

For one thing you can always count on when it comes to Virgo: sooner or later will stab you in the back. It will be a thoughtful, carefully analyzed and confirmed as the best option (for her). So good you will not even pretend to suggest that the days or months calculates that the time has come to eliminate you. And only when it is absolutely certain, the discovery of his treachery. Where such a talent for meanness and insensitivity? Did not the cruelest killers really are because of its enormous cowardice? Yes, you’re dealing with a coward and iskompleksirani bitch who is obsessed with their own flaws. Call it self-improvement combined with the pursuit of perfection, as they call it nice. Its tools are the mind and logic, not emotion. No passion, femininity. No hugs, no tenderness, no heat, all the tears that leaves are there because lapped himself.

If it was not, and her neurotic anxiety and haste (for clock ticking as she so far from its goal of perfection) due to break and losing rationality, you would think that you’re dealing with an android. All in all, when it happens, and pass that moment of betrayal, you will be clear only one thing: You can not trust someone like her. It is true to itself and to exclude all others. Therefore, and condemned to the worst possible society in the world – ourselves. Stay away from it because it is quite reasonable restless, pissed off and bitchy, but over the years will be even worse. With such a society, who would be?

SCALE – manipulative slut
The first association of Scales is a walking vagina. One would think that this is not so bad. It’s true, is not bad. Many men would die to have you beside me one that is so juicy, luscious and desirable (what it abundantly represents flirting). But like all things in this world, everything is worth a glance, on the other reveals that it is actually empty bag that you made a bunch of money.

And now, since you paid for your vagina, welcome to the world of female intrigue, manipulation, gossip and pushing his nose into other people’s business! Your business! You are now under the scrutiny of your small vagina. What you are doing is written and analyzed in the presence of her grandmother gossip, and you advertise, manage and manipulate.

In a word, she *** s you in your little male brain eager vagina, even though you do this type. *** Anja was not even on my mind when you set out to win. Do not let a bad conscience that you won a praying mantis. Experienced she, not her first. There is no other. Perhaps only a 400-ti.

Who is actually your praying mantis, under these ecstatic phenomena? A person who is very selfish and self-centered, or sick and unable to do anything because of his indecision. The works are not her thing. The words are. When you hear the vagina says he is communicative, it actually means that he talks too much.

The meaning of its existence is tantamount to catch the ” powerful ” (at least in her eyes) a man who will make decisions for her. And then she would manipulate him from the darkness. She understands the game that the man would be walking! @ # $ (As opposed to her horoscope, Aries). That’s why they attract.

Skip this character. Do not die of venereal disease.

SCORPIO – Emotionally immature garbage
Here’s one piece of data that is not in the other sign: Scorpio are emotionally immature, rude, vile, vindictive and spoiled brats who do not stop at nothing. You know how it behaves a little kid when you take his favorite toy. It is even angry, angry, crying, biting, in that moment you hate my guts. That is bigger and stronger, would leap at you and you cut your throat.

Such instincts are present at Scorpio throughout life, the only thing you learn with age to disguise their true motives and reasons. Regardless of age, maturity and a half, when deep scratch beneath the surface, which mainly operates intelligent, dangerous or cunning, coming up emotionally immature person on the 5-year-old child.

But do not ignore the resentment of the child. It will not forget, the right plans, uzvratiće you when you will not remember the reason. Will stop the destruction of their own to achieve your goal. Whatever the reason for them is the most important thing in the world.

Do you want to have and keep their children? First learn to keep his wife in Scorpio. You will need to satisfy each of its immature desire to be the only one she ever, ever love her, and never even think of another woman, the male bear all revenge and treachery running in her mind. Otherwise, here again vengeful brats waiting to turn your back.

SCORER – sucker that gets on my nerves
It is sad to watch you go through life. Stubbornly refusing to realize that her perception of value totally naive and inappropriate and that always *** e (again, not in the sexual sense). You’d wondered what its tool for struggling forward? Savvy and acumen are certainly not. Neither persistent nor disciplined.

Her body and sexuality are something that is familiar like a child of 11 years. As far as handling money, this is the worst of all. There’s just no sense of tangible value, or it has, or is ill (mostly dying in poverty, deservedly, too late as far as the people around her).

So what then is this optimism and stupid smile on her face until it pulled out of a hole full of *** and go only to burst into another? You probably believe that less oppressed because they played the jester and clown who entertains people around you, but …

People would certainly much more pitied that is not such an asshole who has a female unsung talent that you jump on the nerves. This resistance Blessed incompetent fools full of ‘optimism’ ‘man knows absolutely nuts. This philosophical claptrap that spawns a bunch of nonsense that have nothing to do with life and intelligence know the man facing womb.

With his wife Shooters guide to handle smiling, naive child incapable of life. Do not worry. So shall you trample nerves and patience that you will not be even a trace of tenderness or remorse when the slug a baseball bat in the face.

CAPRICORN – Dominant sadist
Unlike the story of perseverance, ambition, power, domination by following this sign will say something else.

You’re dealing with a bloody coward. She flees headlong as the risk becomes higher. Beg and leaving in the lurch is something that works and will work all your life. If you manage to catch bin to her revenge, do not expect to see the suffering of satisfaction on her face while the tread. Because here’s another key point: she is frigid. Emotionally illiterate. Unable to show their emotions, let alone receive them or provide. When the bottom line, it is too slow, dark and lean with it to feel real joy and pleasure of life.

Stay away from inferiority complexes and frigid cowards. You’ll find that you dominated by someone who does not use, it does not know and does not provide anything. … But there is an exception. If you find a goat whose embrace of warm and strong, whose tears of sadness and joy regular occurrence on the face, grab it and do not let go because you find pure gold. This type of skin is a bright side to this dark characters and has the courage and importance of giving his heart. It has weathered the worst fear of all goats – that she will break someone’s heart.

And unlike those dark goats, ie. worthless cowards who prefer to never give your heart this kind gives his brave, selfless and faithful life. You will realize that there is no better lovers, wives and mothers of those goats. You’ve got three people in one hand and a pair of horns to be with you while you are alive.

Take only this goat and nothing less. This type of white goats have the best and most complete that you can find in the whole world of women.

AQUARIUS – self-centered ‘idiot
You can not touch, either in good or in a bad sense (rod does not count because he was touching her, it’s a good and bad sense at the same time – good for you, bad for her).

The point is that he does not care about you, what you say or think about it. The reason is with you is that you considered a freak and that’s enough to be listed high in her eyes, because that considers himself misunderstood, special, ekstravrednom.

In fact, the poor cow facing itself and the trip with a bad head. There is nothing except provide a measure of the value that you will not find a good future for themselves.

This explains why this is the only character that can go with the Lions, agony (too) cows next to which normal person does not want and can not endure. They just do not care about what kretenizam beside them.

FISH – The trash bin
There is a complex and logical explanation that you could write here. Or would have been enough -recycle bin. So … recycle bin.

Those who do not understand what I’m saying, we can not hesitate to contact for further details. Let ‘Subject’ is ‘Fish’, to my spam filter did his job …